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  • Journal of Memetics: Peer-reviewed e-journal dedicated, in general, to the evolution of cultural behaviors and, more specifically, to evolutionary models of information transmission.
  • A Memetic Analysis of Policy Making: Presents a memetic framework for the analysis of policy making based on three concepts from evolutionary theory: interaction, replication, and lineage.
  • Anders Transhuman Pages: Memetics: Collection of links and essays about memes: ideas and concepts viewed as living organisms. Includes sections on memetic theory, examples and applications, controversial issues, a lexicon and a brief bibliography.
  • Chapter 11 from Richard Dawkins, ``The Selfish Gene'': The text that started off the science of memetics.
  • Colorless Green Homunculi by William L. Benzon: Dawkins had little to say about just where one might look in the brain to find memes and other memeticists have been content to follow him in that. Robert Aunger, an anthropologist at the University of Cambridge, believes that it is time memeticists end their agnosticism on this matter. To that purpose he has written an exposition of neuromemetics called The Electric Meme.
  • Cultural Software: A Theory of Ideology: Information about a book that explains the development of ideology and human cultural understanding through the spread and evolution of memes and cultural know-how.
  • How can we die if we are not alive?: Explanation of memetics by analogy of computers.
  • Meme Central: FAQ, links, and a bookstore. (By Richard Brodie, author of the popular book on memetics, "Virus of the Mind".)
  • MemeSpace: A virtual community for bright people who love memetics.
  • Memecloud - Memes running around Alex Barnett's cloud: A collection of related memes.
  • Memento: The home page of the open source Memento project - a lightweight knowledge management system based on the principles of memetics.
  • Memes - Susan Blackmore: A detailed site maintained by the psychologist and memeticist Susan Blackmore.
  • Memes: Self-Replicants or Mysticism?: Debate on memes between Aaron Lynch and Richard Barbrook.
  • Memesis symposium: Symposium on the Net
  • Memetics: A senior thesis on memetic selection criteria.
  • Memetics: A meme is a cognitive or behavioral pattern that can be transmitted from one individual to another one. References, links.
  • Memetics and Synthetic Intelligence Discussion Corner: Discussions of the quantitative analysis of cultural transfer, with focus on creativity, memes, replicators, language, ideas, evolution, computers, viruses, knowledge, artificial intelligence, brain and the mind.
  • Mind viruses in Russia: Internet review in Russian publication on memes, mind viruses and mind epidemics.
  • Neobiology & Ethetics: The neobiological model iindicates that all living systems, genetic and memetic belong to the realm of biology, ethetics is the field which encompasses all self-perpetuating algorithmic structures, including genetics and memetics.
  • Persistence of Memes: Collection of philosophical essays on memetics and the evolution of culture.
  • Structure of Memes: The main criticism that can be raised against the memetic approach is that memes are difficult to define. What are the elements or units that make up a meme? Does a meme correspond to a complete symphony, or to a symphonic movement, a melody, a musical phrase, or even a single note?
  • The Church of Virus: Virus is a collection of mutually-supporting ideas (a meme-complex) encompassing philosophy, science, technology, politics, and religion.
  • The Electric Meme: Information about the book by Robert Aunger.
  • UK Memes Central: Includes texts by Dr Susan Blackmore and links to other articles online.
  • alt.memetics bibliography: A comprehensive bibliography of Memetics and related topics.


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