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  • Aros Fractals: A free, high-resolution, true-color fractal program for Windows 95/NT, and Macintosh.
  • ArtMatic: Power Macintosh shareware generator that renders still and animated images.
  • Artlandia: A Mathematica-based software for creating mathematical, and algorithmic art.
  • Brazil Fractal Builder: A freeware IFS fractal program for Windows 95/NT.
  • ChaosPro: Freeware fractal generator. Can do 24 bit and 3D transforms, including Quaternions. Includes history of program, gallery and fractal theory information.
  • Chaoscope: Chaoscope is a 3D strange attractors rendering freeware. 5 rendering modes and 9 equations available. Windows Freeware.
  • Double Fractal: Freeware fractal ganerator that can export images as POVRay files.
  • Easy Fractal for Macintosh: Fractal Generator with real-time zoom and large variety of effects.
  • Ephemera: A free screen saver for Windows 95/NT, which draws random IFS fractals, giving an ever-changing display of complex shapes.
  • FUI: Functional User Interface - is a free, open-source program that allows the user to generate procedural textures, based on noise-based fractals.
  • FractSurf: Zoom through a library of fractals. Free download, Windows.
  • Fractal Explorer: Freeware to generate fractal images and animations. Includes source codes and galleries.
  • Fractal Fantasy: Graphics design program to create realistic or artistic fractal attractors such as trees, grasses, flowers, and clouds. Includes FAQs, tutorials, and gallery.
  • Fractal Links - Amazing Seattle Fractals: Fractal art tutorials and free fractal software.
  • Fractal Software: guide to fractal generators, including many freeware and shareware programs.
  • Fractal eXtreme: Win32 shareware program for exploration of the Mandelbrot set and other fractals.
  • Fractal terrain generation software: fracplanet is GPL-ed free software for generating fractal planets and terrain. It uses Qt and OpenGL.
  • FractalGeneration: A freeware fractal movie generator for Macintosh.
  • FractaliMotion: FractaliMotion is a combination of a realtime fractal effects generator, an Audio Visualization System and a 3D screensaver with 6 degrees of freedom featuring an impressive number of user controls.
  • Fractint: A freeware fractal generator, created for PC-compatible computers, to run under DOS and ported to Linux.
  • Fracture: A fractal screensaver: Fracture is a screensaver for Mac OS X that can generate a wide variety of fractal images, including the Mandelbrot Set, Julia sets, Self-Squared Dragons, and Attraction Basin fractals.
  • Glito: A free explorer of 2D Iterated Function System fractals for GNU/Linux and Windows. Includes gallery and formula information.
  • Graphical Demonstrations of Fractals: Contains different illustrated examples. Includes free VB program download.
  • HOP: DOS/Windows shareware fractal generator and screensaver, based on Martin (Hopalong) and Gumowski/Mira attractors.
  • Inwards To Chaos: Discrete dynamical systems studio, working over the reals, complexes and quaternions. Free download, Windows.
  • Iterations et Flarium24: Featuring several freeware fractal generation programs, including Ktaza, Vchira, Sterlingware, GrafZVizion, Iterations, TieraZon, and Inkblot Kaos.
  • LSysEdit: Creates fractal plant images from a few bytes of text. LSysEdit edits and views Lsystems, and saves the images created by them as .bmp files. Free download.
  • LinSys3D: Tool that helps you working with L-Systems. It creates 2/3D bitmap and POV-Ray output.
  • Makin' Magic Fractals: A 32-bit DOS freeware program download, as well as example galleries.
  • MandelView: Freeware Windows program for exploring the Mandelbrot set.
  • Mandelbrot Applet: Generator with color selection and auto-zoom feature. Uses java.
  • Mandelbrot Explorer: Mandelbrot Explorer is a Freeware package allowing simple, colourful, fully-customisable exploration of the Mandelbrot Set and the Julia Set family.
  • Mind-Boggling Fractals: Creates fractal images with sharply defined elements with rounded, 3D appearance. The program and over 700 fractal images are available on a CD.
  • Montagne 3D: A virtual landscape generator, based on fractal technology. After creation, the landscape can be modified by a graphic editor part of the application. Windows 95/98/NT shareware.
  • PhatFractal: Freeware Windows 95/98 fractal animation generator.
  • Programmer's Lair: Offers several Fractint-enhancing and original programs. Full source code is also available.
  • QuaSZ: Is a 3D program which can render quaternions, hypercomplexes, cubic Mandelbrot/Julias, and octonions. For Windows 95/98/NT/2000, available to purchase on CD.
  • Quat: Generates of three-dimensional fractals, in PNG image format, using 24-bit true color. It may be copied freely, and source code is available.
  • Quintessential Sophistry: Offers several Michael Sargent's QS-series DOS and Windows fractal generators.
  • Redecorator: Shareware wallpaper manager, and fractal image creator for Windows 95/98/NT/2000.
  • Robert Inventor's Programs: Fractal music generator; animated 3D virtual flowers in compressed VRML format.
  • SA18 Chaos Engine and Screen Saver: Virtual Basic program for exploring strange attractor images.
  • Seractal Fractals Screensaver: Draws full-screen fractals, with virtually unlimited variety in its colors and images. Win32 shareware.
  • Terry's Downloads: Site provides two Windows fractal programs: Fractal ViZion and Dofo-Zon.
  • The Fractal Farm: An on-line tool for viewing and breeding IFS fractal images.
  • Two-dimensional L-systems: Also called Lindenmayer systems or parallel string-rewrite systems, a compact way to describe iterative graphics using a turtle analogy. Mathematica examples.
  • Ultra Fractal: Shareware Windows 95/98/NT fractal plotter. A fractal consists of one or more layers, which are merged in Photoshop-like fashion. Each layer has its own fractal formula, location, and coloring algorithms.
  • Video For FRACTINT: This site describes a freeware Fractal Image Sequence Generator based on FRACTINT. It contains example videos of what can be achieved with it.
  • Visions Of Chaos: Windows application that generates fractals, cellular automata, attractors, IFS, L-systems, music, and other related simulations. Supports 2D and 3D fractal generation and movies.
  • XaoS: A portable real-time interactive fractal zoomer, which displays the Mandelbrot set, and allows you zoom smoothly into the fractal. Free download, GNU ANSI C.
  • XaoS: Fast portable realtime fractal zoomer.
  • XenoDream: Generator that renders 3D IFS fractal images, and enables lighting post-processing.
  • Zuk: Dynamic, real-time Mandelbrot fractal viewer for DOS.
  • µFrac: Distributed fractal explorer for mobile devices (phones and PDAs). Current supported platform is the J2ME, plus MIDP.


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