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  • Netlib: Searchable repository of free numerical software.
  • Addix.Spline: A comprehensive spline curve function library for creating and evaluating splines in Excel, VB and VBA. Free download of evaluation copy.
  • An Index to Numerical Methods in Pascal: A comprehensive list including freeware, shareware and commercial packages.
  • Astronomical Image Processing System: A software package for calibration, data analysis, image display, plotting, etcetera on astronomical data.
  • Astronomy and Numerical Source Codes: Astronomical computations and mathematical functions source programs in C. Home page of the Cephes Mathematical Library.
  • Boundary Element Method: Resources: Acoustics, Laplace and Helmholtz Problems. Book, manuals, Fortran software (Free and to purchase).
  • CSE - LANCELOT: A standard fortran 77 package for solving large-scale nonlinearly constrained optimization problems. Free download by FTP.
  • Center for the Mathematics of Waves: Includes the Finite Element/Nystrom Solver, a two dimensional coupled finite element / Nystrom solver for the Helmholtz equation.
  • DONLP2: Software for nonlinear programming.
  • Decision Tree for Optimization Software: Ready to use solutions for optimization problems, or at least a way to build such a solution using work done by others. Where possible, public domain software is listed.
  • Discrete Fourier Series Transform: Basic presentation of the discrete Fourier series transform. Explanations and formules. Raw source code to calculate numerical Fourier transforms.
  • Easy-Fit: Used to identify parameters in explicit model functions, dynamic systems of equations (steady-state), Laplace transforms, ordinary differential equations, differential algebraic equations and one-dimensional partial differential equations. Proceeding from given experimental data. For example, observation times and measurements, the minimum least squares distances of measured data from a fitting criterion are computed, that may depend on the solution of the dynamic system.
  • FreeFEM: Free general PDE solver driven by a user friendly language. Both a 2D and a 3D version are available. MacOS, Windows.
  • Freely Available Software for the Solution of Linear Algebra Problems: Software for high-performance computers available in source form for problems in numerical linear algebra, specifically dense, sparse direct and iterative systems and sparse iterative eigenvalue problems.
  • GNU Octave: Free numerical analysis and visualization environment similar to Matlab.
  • GNU Octave Repository: Central location for custom scripts, functions and extensions to GNU Octave.
  • Genetic Optimization Algorithm: Freeware used to solve optimization problems with several real and binary parameters and non linear objective functions and constraints. Includes illustration of program and links to the author's other webpages.
  • Jean-Pierre Moreau's Home Page: This private website is entirely dedicated to sources in numerical analysis in four languages: Basic, C++, Fortran and Pascal in Microsoft Windows environment.
  • MAI Information Technology: Numerical, statistical, and signal processing subroutine libraries optimised for OS/2 platforms.
  • MEDEA: Matrix Exponential Differential Equation Algorithm: Algorithm for the numerical integration of systems of ordinary differential equations arising in chemical problems. C ocde, free to use.
  • METIS: Serial Graph/Mesh Partitioning & Sparse Matrix Ordering: Graph, mesh, and hypergraph partitioning software. Free download, portable on most Unix systems that have an ANSI C compiler (e.g. GNU C).
  • MIT Aero/Astro Scientific Visualization: Visualization software developed at MIT.
  • MatLinks Software Network: Providing the MatLinks ToolChest and Chorus ToolBox, peer-reviewed GNU Octave and Matlab/Simulink toolsuites under active development by scientists and engineers around the world.
  • Newmat C++ Matrix Manipulation Library: For the manipulation of matrices in the C++ language, oriented towards science and engineering applications.
  • Numerical Methods: Notes and Fortran code on topics including: Finite elements, finite differences, boundary elements, integral equation methods, optimisation,linear systems, numerical integration, ODEs.
  • Object-oriented Finite Element / Numerical Methods in C++: VectorSpace C++ Library for advanced numerical computation such as constrained optimization, variational methods, and computational mechanics.
  • Ordinary Differential Equation System Solver: A Java-Applet/Application for solving ODE systems.
  • Reactor Simulation Editor, Introduction with Examples: The Reactor Simulation Editor (rsedit) is a software package designed to solve finite difference equations in a simplified way. The tool kit includes: a geometry editor, data structure editors, equation editor and an HTML output library.
  • SLEIGN2: FORTRAN programs for solving Sturm--Liouville equations.
  • Scientific Computing: Software and Algorithms for linear and nonlinear inverse Problems: Computerized tomography, wavelet applications, statical computations, multi parameter fit and more
  • Spline Curve Fit 3D: Software for complex three dimensional surfaces.
  • TeLa: The tensor language. Scientific computing language and environment.
  • Test Set for Initial Value Problem Solvers: Test problems, experimental results from a number of proven solvers, solvers, subroutines providing a common interface and links for Initial Value Problems for ODEs, DAEs and IDEs.
  • The Algae Programming Language: A high-level interpreted language for numerical analysis. Free (GNU GPL).
  • XR: An implementation of exact real arithmetic in C++ by Keith Briggs.


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