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  • Advanced Mathematics for Applications: Mathematica notebooks created by Gary Stoudt for teaching and illustrating concepts in the course "Advanced Mathematics for Applications" at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Most have some discovery learning built in. Free to download.
  • Analytic Cycling: Analytic formulas related to cycling are presented and explained. Formulas are evaluated interactively based on data supplied by the user. A MathScript web site.
  • Artlandia: Mathematica-based software for creating mathematical and algorithmic art, as well as mathematical recreations and active learning through art. Allows you to write simple programs that generate geometrical patterns, ornaments and designs. Easily creates fractal effects. Features built-in tools for "automatic" generation of attractive patterns.
  • CALC Project: Mathematica labs to accompany Smith & Moore's "Calculus: Modeling and Application".
  • Calculus and Mathematica: A Mathematica-based calculus course.
  • Combinatorics and Graph Theory with Mathematica: Combinatorica is a library of 230 functions turning Mathematica into a powerful tool for graph theory and combinatorics.
  • Complex Analysis: A set of Mathematica notebooks on many topics.
  • Computer Graphics: Most graphics were generated using Mathematica.
  • Differential Equations and Mathematica: An online companion for differential equations contains demo notebooks, packages, and links.
  • DirectMath: A mathematical word processor and easy to use front end for Mathematica.
  • Experiments in Mathematics Using Mathematica: Interactive Mathematica notebooks developed for the two senior high school years, associated with the book Experiments in Mathematics Using Mathematica (Springer, 1995) by C.T.J. Dodson and E.A. Gonzalez.
  • FeynArts: FeynArts is a Mathematica package for the generation and visualization of Feynman diagrams and amplitudes.
  • Galois Field Package: Allows the use of many Mathematica functions over finite fields without any modification; e.g solving linear equations, inverses, determinants, derivations, resultants. By Ryoh Fuji-Hara, University of Tsukuba. Package and documentation are available for download.
  • Graphica Book Series: Unusual color illustrations created using Mathematica.
  • HYP and HYPQ: A package, written in Mathematica, for the manipulation and identification of binomial and hypergeometric series and identities.
  • Internet hosting specializing in webMathematica services.
  • IMS' 97: International Mathematica Symposium.
  • Karl's MMA page: Benchmarks and timings.
  • Linear Algebra Tools: A `group` of tutorial notebooks to assist students studying Linear Algebra topics.
  • LinkageDesigner: Application developed for virtual prototyping of linkages, designed for use with Mathematica 4.1 or later version.
  • LiveGraphics3D: Java applet for displaying and rotating three-dimensional Mathematica objects. Also has the ability to calculate stereo images, show animations, and embed hyperlinks.
  • MATHwire: An electronic newsletter written specifically for the Mathematica community.
  • Math Forum: Search comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica: Users of the software package Mathematica may share tips and advice at the comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica discussion list.
  • MathConsult Showroom: Various Mathematica-related demonstrations.
  • MathGroup: Moderated email `group` for Mathematica Users. A free service of Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Inc.
  • MathReader: Mathematica Notebook Reader: A viewer for notebook documents created with Mathematica. Free download. Windows, Unix, MacOS. versions.
  • MathSource: Electronic library of Mathematica materials, including immediately accessible Mathematica programs, documents, and examples. Now a part of the Mathematica Information Center.
  • MathTensor: A Mathematica-based package for performing tensor analysis.
  • Mathematica: Comprehensive symbolic and numerical software. Advanced programming language, graphics and sound, programmable interface, notebook documents, and applications library.
  • Mathematica Information Center: Resources that document various capabilities of Mathematica, such as: articles, books, conference proceedings, courseware, user-submitted MathSource notebooks, and technical notes.
  • Mathematica Language Official Documentation: Introductions to the principles, features, and syntax of the programming language.
  • Mathematica Related URLs: An updating of the list published in the Mathematica Journal, Volume 5, Issue 3.
  • Mathematica in Education and Research: A multidisciplinary journal that publishes articles about the use of Mathematica in higher education at both the undergraduate and graduate level.
  • Mathematical statistics with Mathematica: mathStatica solves the algebraic / symbolic problems that are of primary interest in mathematical statistics. It does so by building upon the symbolic computational power of Mathematica.
  • Milo Hedge: MathLive 3D visualisation software for Mathematica users. Windows/MacOS.
  • Review of Mathematica 3 by Kayll Lake: Mathematica 3.0
  • Smartspread - Mathematica: A spreadsheet frontend to Mathematica.
  • Stephan Kaufmann: This site provides information about Stephan Kaufmann's Mathematica books, notebooks and packages.
  • Symbol: Sum: Technical notes about built-in symbols
  • Symmetries and Variational Derivatives: A collection of Mathematica v.2 routines by Peter Olver.
  • Technical Questions about Mathematica: A Wolfram Research site. Searchable FAQ and other resources.
  • Ted Ersek's Mathematica Tricks: Supplementary help browser.
  • Tensorial 3.0: A general purpose tensor package and other scientific/math addon programming packages.
  • The Economics Pack: The Pack integrates more than 50 Mathematica packages and more than 1000 functions in economics, statistics, econometrics and system enhancement. It provides a working environment that is basic but very useful.
  • The Mathematica Ezine: A monthly newsletter devoted solely to Mathematica with links, tips, and articles on various topics. Available in HTML and NB format.
  • Variable Symbols, Inc.: Company specializing in consulting and training in Mathematica. Based in Mountain View, CA, USA.
  • Verbeia: Economics and econometrics in Mathematica.
  • Wolfram Research Documentation Center: A collection of reference materials, including the Mathematica Book, about Mathematica, CalculationCenter, and their related products.
  • mConnect: Java-based Mathematica interface to any JDBC compliant database server. GPL.


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