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See Also:

  • AM Statistical Software: Package to analyze data from complex samples, especially large-scale assessments. Available for free from the American Institutes for Research. Download, support (software, database), manual, registration.
  • Agna: Platform-independent freeware for social network analysis, sociometry and sequential analysis.
  • Algoval: A system for automatically evaluating algorithms on datasets for specified problems. The results of each evaluation are published on the site's web server for immediate dissemination.
  • Analytical Software: Makes and sells Statistix statistical analysis program, designed to be easy to use for researchers who are not statisticians.
  • AppleTree: An application for fitting multinomial binary tree models to frequency data.
  • BioStat by LemnaTec: The program supplies test protocols for a growing number of standardised bio-tests such as growth inhibition. Free trial download.
  • CAMO: Software for multivariate analysis.
  • Chameleon Statistics: Multivariate data analysis and visualisation software. Features include cluster analysis, density estimation, classification and learning.
  • Civilized Software: Makers of MLAB Mathematical and Statistical Modeling System for research, exploration, and scientific data analysis, including ODE models.
  • Cytel Statistical Software: Makers of many computational statistics software packages.
  • DAG_Stat - Diagnostic and Agreement Statistics: Excel spreadsheet; calculates wide range of statistics (and confidence intervals) for assessing performance of diagnostic tests and inter-rater reliability of dichotomous ratings.
  • DTREG: Generates classification and regression decision trees that model data and can be used to predict future values. Uses V-fold cross validation and pruning to make optimal size trees, and surrogate splitters for missing values.
  • Data Description, Inc.: Develops, sells, supports statistics and statistics training software for Macintosh, Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP.
  • DataLab: Windows-based program for exploratory data analysis, offering important methods of statistical analysis and data visualization: regression, statistical test, cluster analysis, principal components, KNN classification, MLR, PCR, neural networks. Evaluation copy free; on-line purchase of full version.
  • DataRevelation: Software for automatic, multivariate statistical modeling.
  • Discerning Systems Inc.: Statistical software for ground-water and environmental detection, compliance, assessment and remediation monitoring.
  • ECHIP, Inc.: Software and training for design of experiments.
  • EstaPlus: Descriptive statistics software that can analyze and plot using data distributed in one-dimensional or two-dimensional variables, in discreet or continuous mode.
  • Exploring Numerical Data (E.N.D.): Software for university/college level social sciences introductory statistics courses featuring text material, review exercises, and calculation utilities.
  • Fathom Dynamic Statistics: Exploration and Analysis of Data for students.
  • Free Statistics On The Web: An index of statistical programs for ecology, meteorology, multivariate statistics, econometric epidemiological, and regression analysis. Windows, Mac, Linux; free downloads.
  • Free Statistics Software: Free online software applications (calculators) featuring: mathematical equation plotting, descriptive statistics, multiple regression, time series analysis, and hypothesis testing.
  • GSEQ: Software for the Analysis of Interaction Sequences: Useful for behavioral sequences. Includes description of the book, Analyzing Interaction: Sequential Analysis with SDIS and GSEQ, by Roger Bakeman, Vicenc Quera. English, Español.
  • Generalized Linear Latent And Mixed Model (GLLAMM): The gllamm software estimates generalized linear latent and mixed models by maximum likelihood using adaptive quadrature. Models include multilevel, factor, latent class and structural equation models.
  • GraphPad Software: Combines basic statistics with nonlinear regression (curve fitting) and publication-quality graphics.
  • HACCP Now Software: Easy to use, reduces time and cost to implement HACCP. Includes automated wireless temperature monitoring and management tools for food businesses.
  • HENDYPLAN: An integrated software system for econometric modelling and statistical analysis.
  • Hamilton Technical Services: Software for frequency stability analysis. Stable32, Allan variance.
  • InfinityQS Quality Control Software and Hardware: Integrated quality control software modules that fulfill quality control standards mandated by internal, customer, industry, government and international organizations.
  • Institute for Theory Testing: Offers Detect for Windows, which decides if individual-level data should be aggregated to the `group` level; online ordering, tutorial, comparison, bulletin board, links.
  • Internet Statistics Resources: Summary and links to statistics resources available on the Internet.
  • JMP Statistical Discovery Software: Tool for expert data analysis, design of experiments, and Six Sigma implementation. JMP is a business unit of SAS Institute, Inc. For Windows and Macintosh.
  • Kovach Computing Services: Statistical software, including MVSP, Oriana, XLSTAT, Simstat and Data Desk.
  • Latent Class Analysis: Software, workshops and graphical displays.
  • MacAnova: Free interactive statistical program for DOS, Linux/Unix, Macintosh, Windows. Strengths: regression, ANOVA, time series analysis, macro language similar to S, R.
  • Macnaughton ANOVA SS: Links to material and computer programs by Donald Macnaughton about computing sums of squares in unbalanced analysis of variance.
  • Math Stat Software: Programs offered include data acquisition, visualization, analysis, decision analysis and neural networks, econometrics, time series, forecasting, graphing, and curve fitting. Page lists products and descriptions.
  • MedCalc: Program for biomedical research. Includes free trial.
  • MedCalc on line manual: The complete most up-to-data manual of the MedCalc statistical software package.
  • Meta Analysis Statistical Software: A statistical analysis package for research synthesis. Free trial download.
  • MetaWin: A statistical software package for meta-analysis calculations.
  • Mnemonic Technology, Inc.: Intelligent decision systems that automatically learn to make optimal decisions in the presence of uncertainty.
  • MoonStats: Statistical software for PC (Windows). Univariate and bivariate statistics: mean, median, standard deviation, chi-square, correlation, t-test, regression, 1-way Anova, random number generator.
  • MultiSimplex: Experimental design and multicriteria optimization software, based on fuzzy logic and the simplex method for sequential design of experiments. Windows-based, download trial version.
  • Mx: Matrix algebra interpreter and numerical optimizer for structural equation modeling and other types of statistical modeling of data.
  • NCSS: Data analysis, statistical analysis, and statistical graphics analysis package.
  • PS-Explore/StatSys: PS-Explore/StatSys is an advanced statistical data analysis system and part of the PS-Explore product family of VGSPS mbH.
  • PS-Explore: Data Mining, Data Analysis, Statistics: PS-Explore is an advanced and easy to use statistical and database software determined for use in industry and scientific research both.
  • PSPP: Savannah page with mailing lists, CVS repository, bugs track list, task manager.
  • PSPP: Was Fiasco. For statistical analysis of sampled data; interprets commands in SPSS language, outputs tables in ASCII, HTML, PostScript. Description, FAQ, help wanted, news, manual. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Partek Inc. - Pattern Recognition Software: Statistical and visual data analysis software. Widely used in life sciences and engineering for gene expression (microarray) data analysis, high throughput screening, and drug design including SAR and ADME prediction.
  • Power and Precision: Software for statistical power analysis and to calculate sample size and effect size for scientific research studies.
  • Provalis Research: Makes and sells Simstat, which does uni-, bi-, multi-variate statistics, with graphics, scripting language; content analysis and text mining module, multivariate analysis, orientation statistics, education programs.
  • Recurrence plots: Information about recurrence plots, cross recurrence plots and their quantification (also lists available software).
  • Resampling Stats: Information about the resampling method used with increasing frequency in statistics - including comprehensive directories for statistics courses and software.
  • SPC Software: Packages automating the data collection, charting and analytical functions of statistical process control.
  • SPC Wizard: An SPC program for variables and attributes that combines a complete SPC training module containing process simulations with full functionality for real-time data entry and analysis.
  • SalStat Statistics Package: For analyzing scientific data: performs a range of tests, from descriptive statistics to analysis of variance tests and their nonparametric equivalents. Focus: ease of use. Linux, Windows. [Open Source, GPL]
  • Science Plus Group: Was ProGAMMA bv. Develops and sells statistics software. Product categories: software for hierarchical modeling (e.g., HLM 5), agreement (e.g., AGREE 7.0), IRT and Rasch modeling, psychometrics, structural equation modeling, marketing, data mining.
  • Scientific Computing Associates: WorkBench Software for Time Series Analysis and General Statistical Analysis.
  • Scientific Software International: Statistical software for the social sciences. LISREL for structural equation modeling, HLM for hierarchical data analysis, and BILOG, BILOG-MG, MULTILOG, PARSCALE, and TESTFACT for IRT-based test analysis.
  • Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis: A collection of online statistical distributions and procedures. Includes sample size calculation, Fisher exact test, t-test, bonferroni adjustment, pairwise tests, ordinal tests, hypergeometric, binomial, poisson and weibull distributions.
  • Stat-Ease, Inc.: Statistical software, training, and consulting on design of experiments for scientists and engineers.
  • StatLib Index: System for distributing statistical software, datasets, and information by electronic mail, FTP and WWW.
  • StatSoft: Developers of Statistica.
  • StatView: Software for statistical analysis.
  • StatView Software: Product information and technical support for the statistical analysis and viewing software.
  • Statcon: Statistical software in a range of products from different vendors. Training and support available for most of these. Consulting focus is Design of Experiments, Quality Control Statistics. Online ordering, in German/English.
  • Statgraphics Plus: Allows your analytical power to be integrated enterprise-wide and world-wide, via Internet: training, products, Six Sigma application.
  • Statistical Computation Website: Online software for calculating basic statistics from Vassar College.
  • Statistical Process Control Software: Features capability analysis and variable and attribute charting.
  • Statistical and Data Analysis: Performs from basic data manipulations to the advanced statistical analyses, reports and charts. Allows for import or expert of different types of files. Page lists details of package and information about the author.
  • Statistics Toolbox for MATLAB: Provides functions and interactive tools for analyzing historical data, modeling data, simulating systems, developing statistical algorithms, and learning and teaching statistics.
  • Statit Software: Quality improvement software, quality control software and data analysis software for the enterprise. Also, solutions for desktop users.
  • StatsDirect: Comprehensive, multi-functional statistical software with online statistical help/guide.
  • Stegmann Systemberatung: Analysis of parallel-line bioassays according to international standards.
  • StudySize: StudySize is a program for analysis of any parameter in a sample size calculation. It includes the most common tests, point estimates and confidence intervals.
  • TexaSoft: WINKS statistics and data analysis software.
  • The Clusutils Package: Two programs to help researchers study data clustering algorithms: clusgen generates artificial data sets and cluscomp compares partitions of a data set.
  • The Rundom Site by Piotr Jadwiszczak: Shareware for randomization and bootstrap testing. Has several predefined tests, flexible scripting language to write customized tests and modify predefined ones, user-friendly interface with wizard module, script tutorial, graphical options.
  • Trending: A web-based tool that provides a graphical view of data trends across multiple time periods with drill down capability.
  • Umetrics: Windows software for Multivariate Data Analysis (MVDA), Modeling and Design of Experiments (DOE). The software, MODDE and the SIMCA-series are state-of-the-art.
  • Utilities for Statistical Analyses: Programs written in Pascal for Windows and SPSS-macros including random eigenvalues, collapsing correlation matrices and standard deviations from several independent samples, and statistical tests.
  • VSN International: Statistics and data-analysis software and services, including GenStat, AS Reml.
  • ViSta -- The Visual Statistics System: Analysis tool developed by Dr. Forrest Young at UNC-Chapel Hill. Focus: visual analysis of data in a Clementine/Intelligent Miner workflow GUI. Includes Multivariate and Univariate Analyses. [Open Source]
  • VisiCube: Exploratory data analysis (EDA) application for Windows. Uses plots such as Box Array, Box Plot, Quantile Array, Scatter Plots (2D, 3D and Matrices), and Time-Series (Arrays and Matrices). EDA findings can be saved and revisited using a visual library. Full functionality shareware except for publication capabilities, which must be purchased.
  • Web Pages that Perform Statistical Calculations: Links to statistics software, together with books, tutorials, downloads and related resources.
  • WebDOE: Offers an optimal DOE engine and an extensive library of classical designs through an easy-to-use Web interface.
  • Windostat: Spreadsheet program for data input and analysis. Can perform sequencing functions and create graphs.
  • XPro Statistical Software: Data Analysis in clinical trials, rapid drug approvals, agricultural and industrial experiments. Exact powerful tests and confidence intervals in all statistical applications including mixed models, repeated measures, variance components, and growth curves.
  • aML Multilevel Multiprocess Modeling: Statistical software for multilevel, multiprocess models. Developed by Lillard and Panis, marketed by EconWare.

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