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  • Numerical Recipes: Complete free online versions of this standard textbook on computational methods, in the C, Fortran and Fortran-90 editions. PS/PDF. Software and C++ edition for sale.
  • 3D Physics: An overview of numerical methods of simulating physical systems.
  • A practical guide to computer simulations: Here practical aspects of conducting research via computer simulations are discussed.
  • C++ Template Classes for Geometric Algebras: The Geometric or Clifford algebras have a variety of applications in physics and computer vision and other places.
  • Center for Computational Physics - University of Tsukuba: The Center for Computational Physics was founded at the University of Tsukuba as an inter-university research facility. The purpose of the Center is to function as a base to develop research in computational physics and parallel computer science
  • Chris Oubre's Computational Physics Page: Graduate student at Rice University, and one of an emerging new breed in Computational Physics, which combines the two passions: Programming and Finding out Why.
  • Computational Particle Dynamics Working Group: Research in the analysis of algorithms for solving spin systems.
  • Computational Physics: Simulation and modelling are usually taught by stressing numerical techniques -- this course focuses on using symbolic or computer algebra -- in particular, using Mathematica.
  • Computational Physics: Course covers quantifying techniques that are used in physics. Topics include ordinary differential equations, partial differential equations, matrices, and simulation methods.
  • Computational Physics Inc.: Computational Physics, Inc. (CPI) was founded to perform advanced scientific research and technology development in atmospheric and space physics. Products and projects, news, press releases, jobs, publications, related links.
  • Computational Physics Resource on the Internet: A very extensive list of `resource` websites for computational condensed matter physics software, visualization and scientific programming software, research groups, journals and lecture material.
  • Computational Science: Essays on computational physics and modelling magnetic material. Software for simulating the Belousov-Zhabotinsky chemical reaction and for solving the travelling salesman problem.
  • Computational Science Education Project: CSEP is an electronic book for teaching Computational Science and Engineering. The intended audience are students in science and engineering at the advanced undergraduate level and higher.
  • Computational Studies of Pure and Dilute Spin Models: Monte Carlo simulations of ferromagnetic material using Ising and Potts spin models to ascertain selected properties of such material. Discusses what spin models are and how they are used to simulate magnetic material, with particular attention to the use of cluster algorithms.
  • Computer Simulation Laboratory: Mathematical Modeling of Electromigration in thin film interconnects, Internal Friction spectrum.
  • Division of Computational Physics: This branch of the American Physical Society is focused on computational physics
  • EPF CPL Computational Physics Laboratory: An investigation infrastructure training students in scientific calculation in physics and informatics.
  • GNU Scientific Library: The GNU Scientific Library (GSL) is a numerical library for C and C++ programmers. It is free software under the GNU General Public License.
  • Krell Institute: Institute for the promotion of computational science.
  • Lattice Geometries: Describes a method of defining lattice geometries for use in computational physics.
  • Lectures from Summer Schools on Computational Materials Science: Full set of notes in computational solid state physics from talks given by recognized leaders in the field. (Lectures are annual, starting in 2001)
  • Lester Ingber's Archive: Path integrals in nonlinear stochastic systems. Applications to nuclear physics, neocortex, combat simulations.
  • N-Body Simulation Methods: This site keeps track of the various methods used in simulating n-body systems.
  • Numerical Simulation of Waves: An online textbook on using numerical methods to solve a variety of wave equations in mathematical physics.
  • Object-oriented practice for computational physics and distributed computing: Research Project on Object-oriented practice for Computational Physics and Distributed Computing. Includes jLab,the Java based scientific applet, as the practice sample.
  • Particle Applications of Parallel Computing: An overview of how multiple particle systems can be simulated using parallel computing.
  • Polygonal Contact Model homepage: The Polygonal Contact Model (PCM) is a contact algorithm for multibody dynamics
  • TOCSY - Toolbox for Complex Systems: Toolboxes for modelling of dynamical systems and time series analysis which were developed in the Nonlinear Dynamics Group Potsdam.
  • University of Groningen, Computational Physics Group: Research topics: quantum computing, time-resolved optical imaging, morphological image analysis, quantum Monte Carlo, nano-scale magnetism, chaos; in Netherlands.
  • Yager Nest: A personal website about molecular dynamics simulation, Finite-Difference Time-Domain method and tips and tricks in scientific computing.
  • nMod Particle-Particle nBody Model: nMod is a Linux open source particle-particle nBody model suitable for small scale nBody simulations. Also included is a Linux OpenGL viewer for the output files.


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