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  • A Concise History of Thermodynamics: Excerpt from a biography of Gibbs, and a translation of Carnot's 1824 paper.
  • AAPT Committee on the History and Philosophy of Physics: The Committee on the History and Philosophy of Physics (CHPP) is an AAPT committee working toward the preservation and deepening of a historical perspective in physics education at all levels.
  • American Physical Society Forum on the History of Physics: A member unit of the American Physical Society. It was founded as a venue for physicists, historians, and other members of the APS with an interest in discussing and exploring the historical dimensions of physics research. Forum benefits and activities include the Forum's widely read semiannual Newsletter and sponsored sessions at the March and April meetings of the APS.
  • Atomic Archive: This site explores the complex history surrounding the invention of the atomic bomb
  • CERN Historical and Scientific Archives: Resources on the history of CERN, as well as the 'Pauli Archive', a private collection of scientific books, reprints, correspondence and manuscripts of the late Professor Wolfgang Pauli, Nobel Laureate, 1945.
  • Center for History of Physics: Has a mission to preserve and make known the history of modern physics and allied sciences including astronomy, geophysics and optics.
  • Center for History of Physics Newsletter: Reports on work in the history of physics (and allied fields such as astronomy and geophysics). On-line issues starting with vol.26 (1994).
  • Century of Physics Time Line: A hundred years timeline of Physics presented by the American Physical Society.
  • Contributions of Physics to the Information Age: The history of important inventions by physicists in the fields of computers, information technology, and solid state electronics. Summarizes the contributions of physics to the information age.
  • Emilio Segre Visual Archives Picture Finder: This site supports the Emilio Segre Visual Archives site in making it easy for people to find pictures of physicists. These pictures are in the vein of "The History of Physics" and contains images of notable phsyicists.
  • Emilio Segrè Visual Archives: The world's largest collection of photographs, films and other images in the history of physics and allied sciences such as astronomy and geophysics.
  • History Page: Historical timelines in mathematics, physics, and politics
  • History and Philosophy of Physics: Research activities, essays, databases, books, meetings in History and Philosophy of Physics. A section is dedicated to the development of Physics in Italy.
  • History of Physics Archives: Databases and digital archives for the History of Physics in Italy after the second world war.
  • History of Physics and Astronomy: Collection of links to articles on the history of Physics and Astronomy.
  • History of Science Info Page: A site providing information, photos, and essays concerning the history of science.
  • Important 20th Century Discoveries in Physics: Eight major discoveries made in physics plus a summary of the centennial celebration of the American Physical Society.
  • In Our Time: James Clerk Maxwell: BBC Radio 4 discussion on the life and work of this 19th century physicist.
  • Infography about History of Physics: Sources recommended by a professor who specializes in the study of the history of physics.
  • International Catalog of Sources for History of Physics and Allied Sciences: Search records for unpublished source materials in the Niels Bohr Library archives and over 500 other repositories worldwide.
  • Jim's Science Page: Science quotes, facts and falacies... mystery scientists in history link.
  • Museum of Physics Department: Early instruments of the Institute of Physics of Naples
  • Physics Cabinet: A virtual museum of physics apparatus and instruments of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
  • Physics Time-Line: From the Copernican Revolution to superstrings, a chronology of more than 500 of the greatest discoveries in natural philosophy.
  • Physics in Australia to 1945: The listing is intended to be a complete register of all Australian publications in physics up to the end of 1945
  • Selected Classic Papers: Historically important papers in the fields of: Atomic hypothesis and discrete nature of matter Electricity, electrochemistry, and electrolyte solutions The electron and electronic structure of matter Elements: nature, number, and discovery Environmental chemistry Gases Periodic table and periodic law Radioactivity and the nucleus Thermodynamics
  • Selected Papers: Selected Papers of Great American Physicists on the web.
  • The Fall of Parity: Experiments in 1956 demonstrate that our world is distinguishable from its mirror image.
  • The Invention of Knowledge: The connections between the sciences and the arts with emphasis on physics. A prediction on where to look for the next great theories in physics.
  • The Net Advance of Physics: History: Review Articles and Tutorials in an Encyclopaedic Format at The Net Advance of Physics, MIT
  • The Nuclear Files: Most comprehensive and user friendly online tool to explore the political and ethical dilemmas of the Nuclear Age. A citizen guide to create a saner and more peaceful world. Classroom use encouraged.
  • The Quantum Age Begins: An overview of the development of quantum mechanics.
  • Theater of Electricity: Explore the history of static electricity and the machines which have used it to make big sparks and create strong electric fields. Van de Graaff generators and Tesla coils are two examples of what is discussed. Many pictures and teaching materials are available.
  • Timeline of Nobel Prize Winners - Physics: A comprehensive list of Nobel Prize Laureates in physics
  • Timeline of Physics (1896 to present): American Physical Society site explores developments in physics in the 20th century, along with their historical context.
  • Transistorized: Describes the history of most important invention of the 20th century: the transistor.
  • Vacuum Terminology and Technology: Vacuum history; biographies of famous physicists, and mathematicians.

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