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  • Argon/Krypton Ion Lasers: describes a construction, a wavelength range, common and unique features of this kind of laser.
  • Association of Industrial Laser Users (AILU): An independent non-profit making organisation that serves the needs and interests of the industrial laser community and helps people make the most of laser technology.
  • Atomic and Laser Physics, University of Amsterdam: A high-quality page of the research, meetings and people involved with University of Amsterdam's Atomic and Laser Physics Group. Links to research documents in PDF (English).
  • Atomic laser: contains an introductory information about atomic laser and its' application.
  • Basov - Prokhorov - Townes: contains the brief history of laser development.
  • Big Lasers: Knowledge base on high power lasers constructed by university, government or military research labs.
  • Cambridge University Press Journals - Laser and Particle Beams: An international journal which deals with the physics of intense laser and particle beams, the interaction of these beams with matter, and their applications. You can subscribe to the online journal or purchase specific articles.
  • Carbon Dioxide Lasers: this site tells about basic principles, the construction and the application of Carbon Dioxide Laser
  • Center for Ultrafast Optical Science: Located at the University of Michigan. Cutting edge information on current research and development in the field of ultrafast laser technology.
  • Diode Lasers: Characteristics of diode lasers and their application in CDROM drives.
  • Eurotechnology: Blue Laser: Slide show and other information about gallium nitride blue light emitters and lasers.
  • Excimer Lasers: Short description, links to Amazon books and patents.
  • Free Electron Lasers: describes the principles of operation, a generated wavelength range and utilization of this kind of laser.
  • Fundamental aspects of laser-matter interaction: A series of Russian essays (in English) documenting laser effects on matter.
  • Handbook on Industrial Laser Safety: considers questions of laser safety. It contains also technical information necessary for any laser user.
  • Helium-Neon Lasers: presents the theory and applications aspects of Helium-Neon Lasers.
  • History of lasers: contains brief historical information on developing of different types of laser thechnique.
  • How Stuff Works: Laser: Seven-part illustrated tutorial about what a laser is, with many related links.
  • Institute for Laser Science (ILS): Researches on Lasers, Atom optics, Physics of Highly Charged Ions. ILS is attached to the University of Electro-Communications in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Laser Ablation Activities at the department of Information Technology Gent University: Reports on the laser ablation related activities of dept. of Information Technology - Ghent University
  • Laser Engineering at the University of Liverpool: Resource for laser engineering which includes: information on laser activities at Liverpool, courses in lasers, directory of laser practitioners, events, jobs, books for purchase, news, online research resources, information on Lairdside Laser Engineering Centre.
  • Laser FAQ: contains information regarding laser terminology, construction and principles. There are a lot of links to laser physics sites.
  • Laser Focus World - Optoelectronics Technology: Magazine of optoelectronic technologies, industrial lasers, detectors, imaging devices, fiberoptic components, and instrumentation advancements for optoelectronic professionals.
  • Laser Info: Site contents of links to sites on such items: 1)Scientific Journals on laser and Optics; 2) Leading manufacturers of high quality lasers and laser systems.
  • Laser Science Research Laboratory (LSRL): Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST); research involving high power lasers and SBS-PCM (Stimulated Brillouin Scattering Phase Conjugation Mirror).
  • Laser Sensors and Research: A description of research related to applications of lasers in several areas at Old Dominion University.
  • Laser Systems Laboratory: Researches and develops and various Dye Lasers and Ti:Sapphire Lasers; at Novosibirsk State University.
  • Laser Systems Ltd.: Laser Systems, Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russia is a developer and exporter of laser equipment. The site reports its activities and achievements in Science and research, design and engineering, information technologies and study and tests of various lasers and laser systems.
  • Laser cooling technology: contains information regarding utilization of laser cooling phenomenon.
  • Laser particle cooler: explains how laser exposing energy on particle still can freeze it.
  • Lasers Database: Absorption and emission spectra, energy levels, Sellmeier coefficients, and laser models.
  • Lasers and Optics Index: Links to the web pages of research groups in the field of lasers and optics in the UK, Ireland and the USA.
  • Lasers system: offers detail introduction to Laser system, the basic knowledge about laser radiation properties and the information regarding application.
  • National Centre for Laser Applications: The National Centre for Laser Applications (NCLA) conducts research & development of laser materials processing. Research areas of interest include micromachining, cutting, marking, welding, and surface modifcation.
  • OAG Laboratories, Inc.: Scientific consulting services in laser micromachining technologies for micro and nano fabrication of devices for biomedical, MEMS, display, erospace, microelectronics, and semiconductor industries.
  • Optical Trapping Group - University of St. Andrews: Main activities involve using laser light to manipulate both atoms and microscopic particles. Other work involves the development of diode lasers for spectroscopy and the study of novel light beams.
  • Photonics Jobs: Job listings and resumes in fields of lasers, optics and photonics.
  • Research works on infrared laser sensing: this site is devoted to the research in the field of laser sensing and deals with infrared heterodyne spectroscopy, tunable semiconductor laser sources in the middle infrared and their uses in molecular detection.
  • Sargent Research Group: University of Toronto; research in semiconductor lasers, self-organized optical structures, novel light-emitting materials, and new optical networks.
  • Semiconductor laser: describes the physics of semiconductor, a construction of lasers, short history and example of application.
  • Stimulated optical radiation in ruby: An essay explaining the first laser ever - published in Nature magazine and written by T.H. Maiman.
  • The Laser and Fiber Optic Revolution: This article describes the conception and development of both laser technology and the fibers that allow transmission of a light signal over long distances.
  • The Laser, Optics and Holography Ring: Professional and hobbyist sites primarily about lasers and their uses.
  • Ultraviolet Laser at DESY: A free electron laser has reached wavelength of 93 nm. From Physics News Update.
  • Wavelengths of lasers: contains the classification of lasers by kind of active medium. The wavelength regions for each class of lasers are presented.
  • Web Science Resources' Laser Tutorial: A brief introduction to laser operation written for those who have little or no knowledge of lasers. Each page builds on the concepts of the previous page and features color illustrations, some of them animated.
  • What is laser?: Fact-Index dictionary can tell you everything about it. It contains mainly basic information for beginners but still can be useful for professional.
  • Zeelase Laser Educational Programs: on homepage of this project you find the links to various courses (Short, custom and video) in lasers and laser-related fields.


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