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  • CGG Chaos Gravitation Graphic: A physical simulation of a chaos system, influenced by gravity.
  • CPC Program Library: Contains over 1800 refereed programs in computational physics and physical chemistry which are described in the journal Computer Physics Communications published by Elsevier Science.
  • Computer Physics Communications Program Library: Library containing over 1800 refereed programs in computational physics and physical chemistry which are described in the journal Computer Physics Communications published by Elsevier Science.
  • Criss Software: Scientific applications software development and support, for applied math, physics, and XRF analysis.
  • Critical Mass Labs: Critical Mass Labs real-time advanced physics technology - stable and accurate physics software that can help you achieve more realistic prototyping and other simulations with a shorter development cycle. Our libraries can calculate rigid-body dynamics, collision detection, spring recreations and multiple-node joints
  • EPICS Home (Experimental Physics and Industrial Control System): EPICS is a set of software tools and applications used worldwide to develop distributed control systems for scientific instruments such as a particle accelerators, telescopes and other large scientific experiments.
  • Experimental decay curve analysis with MEMfit.: MEMfit is a powerful program for experimental decay curve analysis. MEMfit performs decomposition of the curve to exponential components giving its spectrum.
  • Feynman Diagram Drawing Program: FeynDraw: FeynDraw Windows program is used to quickly draw, scale, print, and save as images, Feynman, qed, qcd, twistor, string, or other particle physics diagrams and can be downloaded free for trial use.
  • General Particle Tracer: 3D particle tracer designed to simulate the movement of charged particles in the presence of electric and magnetic fields. The code is widely used for accelerator, beamline and FEL design.
  • Gravitator: It's a 3D realtime interactive gravity simulator, designed to simulate thousands of bodies (e.g stars, asteroids etc.).
  • Greenwood Research Books and Software: Catalog of resources in engineering, physics, field physics, and astrophysics. Includes digital picture processing, medical image processing and stellar structure software.
  • MR Pulse Sequence Diagrammer: Matlab toolbox for creating Pulse Sequence Diagrams.
  • MaterialWorlds Simulations: Play and experiment with a growing range of virtual reality physics simulations - from a game of snooker through to the Solar System.
  • ORIP XXI Program Complex (Software Suite) FREEWARE: ORIP XXI software suite (FREEWARE) is intended for studying of isotope transmutation chains under a neutron irradiation in a reactor. The present version of the programs uses data on more than 3000 nuclides (approximately 3700 ground and metastable states).
  • Phonon Software: Calculates the phonon dispersion relations and phonon density of states for any crystal from force constants, or from Hellmann-Feynman forces supplied by an ab initio program.
  • Physics Related Software Manuals/Links: Manuals/Links on the Nuclear Physics programs and general-use software (programming languages, algebra programs etc.)
  • Physics Simulation Page: A lot of physics simulation programs, sources of knowledge and animations generated by Maciej Matyka (maq/floppy).
  • Physics Software Links: Links to reviewed physics software and programs.
  • RadWare: RadWare is a software package for interactive graphical analysis of gamma-ray coincidence data.
  • SnagLab: A Matlab toolbox for data simulation and analysis of signal and noises for gravitational antennae, developed at the Department of Physics of the "La Sapienza" university (Rome - Italy). It can be downloaded. The program is a support for the teaching of the Laboratory courses.
  • Spectral data processing program: Free program designed for rapid processing of a spectral data presented in a form of multiple ASCII files. It performs normalization, eV to Angstrom conversion, calculation of moments, spikes removal etc.
  • Spektrus: The program displays graphically the emission spectra of elements from 1 to 99, in the visible, infrared, and ultraviolet ranges. Freeware.
  • The Matrix: Free programs and references on mathematical physics and applied mathematics.
  • Warp: Special relativity simulator, including doppler shifting, lorentz transforms, optical aberration, and the headlight effect.
  • Wolfram Research: The producers of Mathematica, one of the common software packages for advanced mathematics.
  • XPS Databases and Spectral Data Processing Software: Supplies databases of XPS spectra, spectra handbooks on CD-ROM, and software for processing AES or XPS data.

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