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  • General NLP and DHE Information Server: A non-partisan collection of articles, information, and `resource` hotlinks regarding Neuro-Linguistic Programming on the Internet.
  • The Mindlist: Seeks to foster the development of the human mind and its inherent powers. Topics include, but are not limited to: Hypnosis, accelerated learning, behaviour change, NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Seduction and ESP. Seeks to develop the human mind through exploration of its powers.
  • An NLP Community: A meeting place for those interested in NLP -- post articles, participate in discussions, post events, post on the noticeboard.
  • Anthony Robbins Biography: The Anthony Robbins biography that shows you how Tony broke every sales record to become a multimillionaire
  • Applied Subliminal Technology: We provide subliminal tapes in three formats, CD, Cassette, MP3 to assist you in achieving your goals through subliminal programs, designed to achieve your goals quickly, easily.
  • Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming: UK information on NLP, practice groups and training courses.
  • Audio Liminal: Offers unique form of positive reinforcement to help people who want to quit smoking or lose weight.
  • Canadian Training Center of NLP: Unlock hidden potential, overcome phobia, reduce stress, quit smoking. Located in Montreal.
  • Centre for Symbolic Modelling and Metaphor Therapy: Articles and calendar of events for the work of David Grove, Penny Tompkins, and James Lawley.
  • Change That's Right Now: Offers services in NLP, Time-Line Therapy and Hypnosis. We guarantee to bring about change.
  • Changeworks: NLP book reviews, articles, techniques, general training and personal consultation for weight control and smoking cessation.
  • Designed Thinking: Certified NLP practitioner and professional trainings for individuals, businesses, and health care offers techniques to influence, negotiate, and communicate to achieve your outcomes.
  • Dynamind & Intelligenics Courses: Join Jonathan Kramer and Janet MacDonald in Toronto for professional development courses. Based on the Silva Method and NLP, the website also includes articles and online shopping.
  • Easy MindStuff: The Thinker's Tool Kit is a constantly expanding collection of free mind "tools": Skills and techniques for personal effectiveness. stress reduction, memory improvement, creativity, and problem solving.
  • Empower International: NLP and techniques to relax stress, master tension, and harness your strengths.
  • Enrique Montiel: Optimum life solutions consulting and coaching with Enrique Montiel's life enhancement systems.
  • Exceed International Consulting: Offers information about NLP and Chi mastery. Includes articles, forums, books for sale, tips, and tools.
  • FreeNLP: Personal Development Training: Offers affordable training in NLP and Integrated Therapy, which is an eclectic mix of other therapuetic techniques.
  • Gold Coast Australia Neuro Linguistics: NLP for individuals and organisations who share some similar values on the subjects of health, diet, traditional methods of food preparation, and/or small business.
  • Honest Abe's NLP Emporium: Dedicated to NLP and NLP-related topics, including Ericksonian hypnosis, and general semantics. Has book reviews, FAQs, glossary, and links.
  • Hutchins Institute for Education and Research ( HIER ): A private consulting, educational and research institute founded by Dr. Joseph D. Meador. Helping individuals learn to study effectively and to experience positive results in an academic setting.
  • Illuminata Now - Joyce Wallach: The homepage of Joyce Wallach, an NLP life coach in Sacramento, CA.
  • Inspiring Breakthrough Training Ltd (UK): Training methods and services discussed including NLP, Learning Styles, Individual and Team Performance improvement, as well as Business Growth Performance. Training courses delivered throughout the UK.
  • International Institute of NLP Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication: Articles about NLP and Hypnosis. Courses and trainings in English, French and Italian. Held in Nice, France and in Italy.
  • International NLP-Coaching Community: Offering a wide range of NLP resources to both NLP-Coaches who want to benefit from one unified community and to the general public, who are curious to know more or who want to hire a NLP-Coach
  • Jason Mahoney Associates: Information about NLP training and coaching.
  • Lakin Associates - Management Psychologists: Psychological services including: training in NLP skills, testing, coaching, screening, and other applications of psychology to the workplace.
  • Lee Lady's NLP Archive: A large number of links and articles about NLP.
  • Lucid Sanctuary Trance States For Healing & Expansion: Post-Ericksonian & NLP Energy Hypnosis for deep realignment and creative expansion. Free NLP-Hypnosis E-Book, mp3 downloads, full scripts & instructions.
  • Manifest Station: A personal page that includes self improvement news, articles, and links, with a focus on NLP.
  • Metaphor: Generating and delivering stories that change people.
  • Mind Masters: Offering self development, NLP and school support programs in India.
  • Mind Of Your Own: Various articles and teachings related to NLP, Ericksonisan Hyponotherapy, teachings of P.D. Ouspensky's Fourth Way, Ernest Becker, and Julian Jaynes.
  • NLP Center of New York: NLP resources, articles, information, links to a variety of nlp related sites and classes in the New York City area.
  • NLP Club India: Site offers research, articles, profile, and FAQs.
  • NLP Conference: An independent NLP conference based in the UK. Lead trainers from the major UK NLP training institutes will be available for introductory sessions and advanced workshops,
  • NLP Information Site (New Home of Merl's): NLP Information for anyone interested in NLP at any level of understanding or competance.
  • NLP NOW for NLP and Hypnosis: NLPNOW providing NLP and Hypnosis training. Also, PhotoReading, Mind Maps and memory courses on a regular basis throughout the world. 1-2-1 work for phobias and change. Monthly meetings are held in London, UK for the general public.
  • NLP Online Training Program!: NLP and Ericksonian Hypnosis at Full Spectrum Communications
  • NLP Romania: Dedicated to Human Development through Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT, Handwriting Analysis, Hypnosis, and TimeLine.
  • NLP Site for Southern Africa: Offers resources, practitioner listing, courses, articles, and interactive tools.
  • NLP Training and Hypnotism with Paul McKenna & Richard Bandler: Cure phobias and improve personal development with world leading NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) training and hypnotism from top hypnotist Paul McKenna and NLP inventor Richard Bandler.
  • NLP Weekly: NLP and hypnosis methods and techniques. Includes questions and answers and articles.
  • NLP World: A collection of NLP links from all over the world.
  • NLP Your Self: The Help Yourself to Self-Help Page
  • NLP and Addictions: Use of NLP and related technologies in addiction recovery. Covers all types of addictions and features a full archive of the mailing list including a comprehensive dedicated search engine.
  • NLP and Reiki Directories: Worldwide directory of practitioners and therapists who use NLP or Reiki as part of their practice.
  • NLP and the Existential Quest: Articles by and interviews with Wolfgang Bernard about NLP.
  • NLP for all: Get the best training in NLP or browse our free articles. Master advanced techniques and models: Sleight of mouth patterns, the swish, the spin and third level NLP anchoring
  • NLP in Business - a knowledge base of NLP applications in business: NLP in Business is a knowledge base with interactive tools, case studies and research that helps organisations to apply the tools and principles of Neuro Linguistic Programming
  • NLP neuro linguistic programming: NLP neuro linguistic programming
  • North Bay, San Francisco NLP Intern Action Center, Discussion Group: Organization for Master practitioners, students to expand their knowledge and training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, make a positive difference in this world, building NLP community and providing members opportunities to present, practice, integrate and enhance their skills. Join us.
  • PPD Learning Ltd: At PPD Learning you can find out all about NLP Training in the UK and how it can benefit your personal and professional development. Visit our message board for more details.
  • Pegasus NLP: NLP information, free mind and body newsletter, tips and techniques. Courses are run in New Forest, England.
  • Personal Development Resources from Will Edwards: Personal Development Resources including e-books, books, articles, essays & other tools written by Will Edwards - a leading Personal Development Consultant in the UK.
  • Personal Development for Life Web Ring: Personal development webring featuring sites focussed on self development, NLP and motivation.
  • Pnl online: Pnl online offers free nlp ebooks about embedded nlp commands/suggestions and the magic of rapports.
  • Positive Approach Therapies and Hypnosis: PATH can help overcome anxiety, depression, fear and stress. Provides counseling with regard to substance abuse and other psychologically-related issues.
  • Practical Miracles Coaching and NLP Training: Experience and learn psychological tools that can transform life, work and relationships. Based in London, England.
  • Presupposition and Consciousness: Discussion of the way presupposition affects consciousness, in particular the subconscious mind, and the effect of 'counterfeit' supposition.
  • Richard Bandler TV: Created for the direct trancemisson of Mr. Bandler's work.
  • Strategic Synergy NLP Coaching NZ: Training, coaching, in person, online, homestudy, free articles, online courses
  • Stress Management Consultant and Hypnotherapist - Nicola Dexter: Site offers information on sessions, testimonials, hypnosis, NLP, and contact links.
  • Studying the Structure of Subjective Spiritual Experience: Commentary on the relationship between Zen and neurolinguistic programming.
  • Summit Dynamics, LLC: Self-hypnosis tapes and CD's. Broad range of subjects and topics covered including equestrian and dog showing series, fit for life and corporate work.
  • The Journey with Brandon Bays: One of the most powerful healing processes available, The Journey allows emotional release work to be carried out quickly and painlessly.
  • The London NLP and Hypnosis Practice Group: Meets once a month in Central London. Site offers mailing list, message board, links, event schedule, items for sale, and a chat room.
  • The NLP Information Center: Online slideshows about NLP, links, bookstore, an unbiased list of trainers and events calendar.
  • The NLP Trainers Registration Body: The aim of this organization is to establish the field of practice in Neuro-Linguistic Programming worldwide. The founding patron of the NLPTRB is Dr. John Grinder, co-creator of NLP.
  • The Yes Group: UK `group` based on the teachings of Tony Robbins, including NLP and self improvement. Meets monthly in London and around the UK.
  • Turner Training and Consulting: Certified Master Practitioners of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapists, we provide expert coaching in the areas of positive thinking, abundance, shamanism.
  • Upcoming NLP Events: This is an interactive calendar of NLP events around the world.
  • Voice of NLP newsletter: Free NLP magazine available for download
  • Working With Joy: Joy combines NLP, hypnotherapy and counselling skills with extensive business experience to enable people and organisations to operate at a higher level of capability.
  • iMentoring: Committed to those who seek the most outstanding personal development resources obtainable.

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