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  • 1910 Los Angeles International Air Meet: Information and access to materials including photographs, documents, and letters regarding the first International Air Meet held in the United States in January 1910.
  • Aerofiles: Aviation history reference site with thousands of US aircraft types, some with pictures.
  • Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada: A `group` aiming to gather plans, models, drawings, photographs or artifacts relating to Canada's aircraft manufacturing industry up to the 1960s. Directors, projects, merchandise, news, images.
  • Air Mail Pioneers: U.S. Air Mail Service Pioneers aviation history articles. Airmail milestones early pilots. Photographs of antique airplanes. Post Office ran mail 1919-1927. Commercial airlines worldwide origins.
  • Air Racing History: Information on the development of air racing from 1909 to the present. Contains details of various races, pilots and aircraft.
  • Allstar Network: History of early design and development of airborn machines. Find biographical information about and photographs of Bessie Coleman, Amelia Earhart, the Tuskegee Airmen, and Ben Davis. Also has information about the properties of flight and related careers.
  • American Fighter Aircraft Manufacturers: Focus on companies that produced WWII fighters: Grumman, North American Aviation, and Republic. A time line showing milestones in their history, with links to related sites.
  • Army Aviation Heritage Foundation: Dedicated to presenting the Army Aviation story to the American people through transportable flying presentations and static displays of the actual aircraft and equipment used by the men and women who served in Army Aviation.
  • Arrow Recovery Canada: Non profit `group` that located the lost Avro Arrow flight test models in Lake Ontario,June 1999. When recovered these scale artifacts will be donated to Canadian aviation museums.
  • Aurora Project Hypersonic Aircraft: The 'Aurora Project' is the top-secret hypersonic aircraft built for and flown by the United States Air Force.
  • Australian Aviation Archive: Photo galleries of military and civil aircraft, biographies, essays and articles.
  • Australian Military Aircraft Serials: A listing of Australian military aircraft serial numbers and individual aircraft history.
  • Aviation History: From the Wright Brothers to the Space Shuttle you can discover Aviation History's many adventures.
  • Aviation History in Australia: Overviews the history of flight in the land down under. Read pioneer biographies, get airport information, and find out about manufacturers.
  • Aviation Resource - Aviation History: Traces the history of flight from 400BC to present. Provides a short narrative of each major event in the development of aviation over the period.
  • AvroLand: A site dedicated to the people and aircraft of Avro Canada and Orenda Engines Limited
  • BIG Dougs: Photos of Douglas props in varying states of disrepair.
  • Boeing Aerospace: Corporate history of the world's largest aircraft manufacturer.
  • Century of Flight: Covers the century of aviation, from ancient myths to the jet age. Provides pictures and narratives of each era.
  • Chilton Aircraft: Site details history of the Chilton Monoplane, a pre-war light aircraft built in England
  • Classic Aviation Literature: Extracts from literature on aviation from the nineteen-thirties and forties.
  • Custer Channelwing: Historical review of high speed VTOL flight with fixed wing aircraft.
  • Doolittle Takes on the Gee Bee: A narrative of the 1932 Thompson Trophy air race. Includes pictures.
  • Early Birds of Aviation, Inc.: Stories and photographs of the 598 original members of the Early Birds of Aviation, and some 220 "Other Early Flyers." from around the world.
  • Early warning sound mirrors: Andrew Grantham provides photographs and details of surviving early 20th-century acoustic mirrors on the British coast designed to provide early warning of enemy aircraft.
  • Flieger: A picture gallery of aircraft used by the Swedish Airforce.
  • An archive of photographs and stories relevant to aviation history, particularily military aviation.
  • FlightDeck: Canadian aviator biographies and aircraft descriptions and history.
  • Flights of Inspiration: Information on inspiration flights, like the Wright brother's first flight and the first non-stop transatlantic flight by Alcock and Whitten. Includes a Teacher's Notes section.
  • Flying Machines: Construction and Operation: Complete, illustrated text of the work by W.J. Jackman, Thomas H. Russell, and Octave Chanute, published 1912. Subtitled "A Practical Book Which Shows, in Illustrations, Working Plans and Text, How to Build and Navigate the Modern Airship."
  • Hangar One: History of Civil/Military aviation.
  • History of Early Aviation Technology: History of early aviation technology - Three articles on the historical development of aviation technology, from the personal web site of Carl Bobrow. 1.The Migration of Russian Aeronautical Technology: East to West 1914-1917 2.Igor Sikorsky Philosophy, Engineering & the Inventive Process 3.The Historical Development of Early Flight & its Relationship to Society 1783 Balloon Flights in France
  • History of Flight: A time line from the Science Museum of London.
  • Holcomb's Aerodrome: A photo gallery of pre WWII aircraft, annotated with specifications.
  • Igor I. Sikorsky Historical Archives: Dedicated to acquiring, preserving and protecting the historical materials that chronicle the aviation careers of Igor Sikorsky, the companies he founded and the accomplishments of its employees.
  • Jesse Davidson Aviation Archives: Description of a collection of historic news photographs, thumbnail images, contact information.
  • Lincolnshire Aviation History: History of aviation in Lincolnshire County in England.
  • Milestones of Flight: The US National Air and Space Museum's timeline of space and aviation.
  • Military Aviation in Sweden: An annotated photo gallery of Swedish aircraft.
  • Naval Airship Association: Pictures and information on Naval airships.
  • New Zealand Aviation History: Aviation history of New Zealand, 1903 to the present in the form of a timeline courtesy of Auckland International Airport.
  • Quest for Performance: The Evolution of Modern Aircraft: An online text tracing the technical development of the airplane from the beginning of World War I to today. Emphasis is placed on aircraft originating in the United States.
  • Randy Wilson's Aviation History: Technical and popular articles and stories, operations manuals, and humor from early to middle twentieth century.
  • Rearwin Airplanes: Information of airplanes made by Rearwin from 1928 - 1942.
  • Soesterberg Air Base Wolfhounds: Dedicated to the men and women who served at Soesterberg Air Base, Netherlands from 1954-1994
  • Swedish Aviation Historical Society: Research and documentation of Swedish aviation history.
  • The Aero Forum: A discussion forum for historical aircraft enthusiasts.
  • The Aeronautique Club of Chicago: A list of early members - mainly balloon enthusiasts - of the this club which later became part of Aero Club of America.
  • The AirShow: Information on the Golden Age Of Aviation, from the end of World War I to the start of World War II. Barnstorming, air racing, flying circuses, and Lindbergh's Atlantic crossing were all part of this exciting period.
  • The Flying Machines: Covers attempts to fly before the Wrights. Includes images and factual information about thoughts, experiments and attempts to fly before 1903.
  • The Golden Age of Aviation: A personal history, through photos, of the golden age by a pilot who flew during the Golden Age of Aviation.
  • The Granville Brothers and Their Fantastic Gee Bees: Famous racing planes designed and built in the 1930's
  • The Jay Miller Aviation History Collection: A reference library with many images online and contact information for researchers.
  • The Latin American Aviation Historical Society: An extensive collection of articles primarily but not exclusively with a military focus.
  • The Lawrence-Lewis Aeroplane Co.: This early Chicago aviation company built between 3 and 5 models of a cabin enclosed seaplane. George R. Lawrence, the founder, was a noted commericial and aerial balloon photographer. His partner, Harry S. Lewis, a stockbroker and fundraiser. The end of WWI brought an end to investor's funds.
  • The Lockheed File: A detailed listing of all Lockheed aircraft in Australia and their histories.
  • The Miles Aircraft Story: Stories from Berkshire's aviation heritage told in a series of paintings and commentary by aviation artist and historian Geoff Beckett.
  • The Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force: A tribute in words, images, and sounds to the unique volunteer Royal Hong Kong Auxiliary Air Force - from its formation in 1949 until its disbandment in 1993.
  • The Swedish Surplus Air Force: Keeps track of former Swedish Air Force aircraft after their retirement from their military service in the Swedish armed forces. Lists aircraft by type and serial number.
  • Tsilokovsky Museum: Tsilokovsky Museum home page, early Russian aerodynamicist, and proponent of rocketry
  • Turkish Aircraft Production History: A history of Turkish aircraft production is told in summarized form.
  • Vintage Aviation: Features original documents and images of aircraft from the 1930's.
  • Vintage Ultralight & Lightplane Association: Preserves information about lost and forgotten light airplanes, blueprints and designers.
  • Warbirds of India: Website providing history of different retired Indian Air Force (IAF) aircraft on display at different locations and cities in India.
  • Williams Antique and Classic Aircraft Site: Indexed and searchable antique aircraft photo archive, historical information and U.S. aviation museum reviews.
  • Win Jack's Aviation Images: A photo gallery of civil and military aviation photos taken between the 1930s and 90s.
  • Wings For Freedom: The history of the Royal Canadian Air Force from its inception in 1924 to the present day.
  • Wooden Propeller: Descriptions of design, materials, construction and identification of early wooden airplane propellers.
  • X-15: Reference information on the hypersonic research program. Photos and video clips, articles, pilot report and credits.
  • airexotica: Computer models of historic aircraft in 3D. Narrative history of the aircraft included. Viewpoint Media Player plug-in required.

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