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See Also:

  • 2k Food storage, equipment, books, first aid, generators, water storage, water pumps, and cook stoves.
  • 911 Includes first aid, trauma, and burn kits, lighting, heating, and emergency tools.
  • American Products Corporation: Includes books, storable food and water, safety equipment, and outdoors supplies.
  • American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay: First aid kits, disaster kits, CPR supplies, and books.
  • Camping Offers camping gear, survival and emergency equipment, optics, clothing, weapons, and radiation protection.
  • Canada Peace Corp.: Offers Potassium Iodide pills for protection of the thyroid from radiation.
  • Citizen Safe: Includes surveillance systems, survival kits, gas masks, radios, solar powered equipment, and generators.
  • Disaster Products include 72-hour kits, first-aid kits, emergency lighting, year supplies of food, and auto emergency kits.
  • Disaster Survival Company: Specializes in an emergency preparedness plan for biological, chemical, or nuclear terrorist attacks.
  • Domestic Front: Includes gas masks, insect repellents, self-powered radios and flashlights, goggles, generators, and survival and paramilitary gear.
  • ET America Corp.: First aid and safety supplies, security kits, fire escape products, survival, and preparedness.
  • Emergency Essentials: Offers food storage, water purification, camping supplies, 72-hour kits, and years supply of food. Also offers emergency preparation articles.
  • Emergency Preparedness Center: Features freeze dried food, 72 hour kits, first aid kits, water storage, and personal protection equipment.
  • Emergency Preparedness Service: Water storage barrels & containers, water filters, dehydrated and freeze dry foods, food pails, Mylar bags, LED flashlights, lamps and oil, emergency kits.
  • Emergency Resources: Water filters, food and water containers, including foldable 200 gallon water container, emergency lights, stoves and ovens, first aid, fire starters, potassium iodate, ammunition, and batteries.
  • Emergency Safety Management: Includes earthquake kits, first aid kits, emergency food rations, sterile drinking water, communications, and sanitation.
  • Epicenter Supplies, LLC: An extensive selection of items including food, water, power generation supplies and equipment, first aid, and military surplus. Also offers a changing list of individual items.
  • Excalibur Enterprises: Meals-Ready-to-Eat and long-term storage foods, survival gear, two-way portable radios, Bay-Gen Freeplay radios, knives, survival gear, first aid kits, and disaster preparedness supplies.
  • Family Protection: Emergency and survival kits, Volcano stoves and accessories, food storage, small propane heater-cooker, single burner propane stove, instant potatoes, food storage, stackable water jugs, Bay-Gen hand-crank, solar power radio, water filters, grain mills.
  • Frontier Offers emergency supplies, survival kits, water storage supplies, food ration products, auto emergency supplies, and temporary shelters.
  • Healthy Wealthy and Offers gas masks, emergency kits, water purification, storable food supplies, and also alternative power information.
  • Homeland Preparedness: Carries disaster kits, earthquake kits, survival kits, earthquake supplies, MRE's, blankets, and emergency sanitation items.
  • Innovative Technologies: Solar powered/crank radios and short-wave radios, flashlights, solar chargers, lanterns, emergency kits, and water treatment.
  • Knife and Includes military, police, EMT, fire, rescue, and outdoors equipment.
  • Life Safety Innovations: Offers survival and first aid kits, food and water, lighting, power, safety equipment, and tools.
  • Military Supply Line: Tactical, paint ball, camping, hunting, and military supplies.
  • NW Safety Includes a large variety of first aid, disaster preparedness, and safety supplies. Also offers first aid and CPR training in the Vancouver, Washington area.
  • New Beginnings Management Company, Inc.: Includes generators and transfer switches, security safes, heating products, and fuel containers. Also offers equipment for construction, welding, air tools, and air conditioning.
  • Orion Safety Products: Selection of safety flares and distress signals, first aid kits and accessories. Product lines also include marine flares, road flares, light sticks and wilderness survival products.
  • Pilgrim's Products: Products include emergency wood stoves and water filtration.
  • Pioneer Emergency Preparedness: Solar and crank-powered radios, nuclear and biological protection, and water filters.
  • Prepare 2 Survive: Includes emergency food and water, lighting, radios, first aid, and tools.
  • Preparedness Industries, Inc.: Offers emergency, disaster, personal security, self-reliance and outdoor products.
  • Offers potassium iodide anti-radiation pills, gas masks, radiation meters, and first aid.
  • Features items and information for natural disaster preparedness including first aid, radios and lighting, sanitation, shelter, and emergency kits.
  • Rainy-Day Essentials, Inc.: Includes storable foods, communications, first aid and emergency kits, fire prevention, and protective clothing.
  • Raytech, Inc.: Providing survival equipment, first aid kits, storable food and water, lighting, radios, smoke hoods, water barrels and auto emergency supplies.
  • ReadyCare: Carries a full line of first aid and emergency preparedness supplies for natural and man-made disasters.
  • Red E Supply Emergency Kits: Offers a wide variety of home emergency preparedness products.
  • Includes safes, 72 hour kits, first aid, and outdoor equipment.
  • Regional Environmental Hazard Containment Corporation: Offers emergency preparedness, gas masks, survival (readiness) kits, water purification, food supplies, and alternative power ideas.
  • Rock Bottom Company, LLC: Offers home emergency and disaster preparedness products including car emergency escape hammers, fire escape hoods, self-powered radios and flashlights, alert radios, and emergency kits.
  • Rockland Fire Equipment Co.: Includes bio-chemical protective suits, gas masks, and homeland defense equipment for first responders and the public.
  • Safer America: Provides homeland security products including gas masks, NBC suits, first aid kits, and survival gear.
  • Safety Includes disaster kits, pepper spray, earthquake preparedness supplies, and independently powered radios.
  • Safety Central: Offers items including personal protection, water supply, sanitation, books and videos, first aid supplies, lighting, outdoors, lighting, radios, and cooking.
  • Safety Products Unlimited, LLC: Offers first aid kits, personal emergency response systems for medical emergencies, fire safety, outdoor survival, medical alert, self defense, emergency radios, and independently powered flashlights.
  • Safety Square: Offers personal safety equipment including survival gear, gas masks, first aid kits, radiation and fire protection clothing, and escape parachutes.
  • Offers carbon monoxide, fire, and microwave detectors. Also water filters.
  • Security World International: Includes first aid supplies, alarms, books and videos, home safety, surveillance, and emergency lighting.
  • Sergeant Slater Safety Products: Offers disaster relief kits and emergency preparedness training for agencies and businesses. Also includes information and links on disaster preparedness.
  • Southern Communications and Electronics: Includes navigational equipment, solar power items, weather monitors, and outdoor products.
  • Survival Instinct: Offers storable food, body armor, first aid, books, and lighting.
  • Survival Solutions: Offers sanitation equipment, water storage, shelter, first aid, and storable food.
  • Survival Suppliers: Includes medical kits, auto emergency kits, storable food and water, disaster kits, smoke hoods, and fire extinguishers.
  • Survival Unlimited: Includes radios, storable food, water storage equipment, optics, lighting, radiation detection equipment, and first aid.
  • Survive Includes food, portable water filters, generators, solar power systems, camping gear and equipment, first aid supplies, NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) protection equipment, gas masks and filters.
  • SurviveAll UK: Offers gas masks, NBC equipment, chemical suits, radiation monitors and body armor.
  • Surviving with Basics - CD-Rom: Offers a living through hard times guide on CD-Rom which includes preparedness information and plant identification.
  • Survivor Offers emergency supplies for future power-outages, evacuations, and natural disasters.
  • The Nuke Ready Company: Offers potassium iodide tablets.
  • The Smartcard: Offers wallet-sized, fully laminated emergency contact cards. Also offers important date cards.
  • Two Tigers Radiological: Offers potassium iodide for protection of the thyroid gland during nuclear / radiation disasters. Also includes comprehensive information resources, usage guidelines, and official findings.
  • USA Emergency Supply: Offers dehydrated eggs, vegetables, military meals ready to eat, year supply of food, water storage, first-aid, camping, and survival kits.
  • Unlimited Resources, Inc.: Offers disaster and counter terrorism items including shelters, gas masks, nuclear, biological, and chemical equipment, generators, and emergency sanitation. Some items can only be purchased by phone.
  • Varkanet Enterprises, LLC: Includes alarms, lights, filters, 72 hour kits, fire protection equipment, potassium iodide, and self defense literature.
  • Wellness and Energy Products: Quantum heatpacks and hand warmers provide instant heat, up to 130 degrees and lasting up to two hours.
  • Woodland Products, Inc.: Supplier of kerosene heaters, kerosene cook stoves, baygen radios and flashlights, emergency candles, electric generators, water purifiers, and outdoor equipment.
  • Yellowstone River Trading: Includes emergency foods, generators, independently powered radios and flashlights, water filters, grain mills, and solar ovens.
  • eMarket Ventures: Provides emergency survival kits and other safety and personal protection products in case of a earthquake, hurricane, tornado, terrorist attack, or other disasters.
  • Offers disaster kits, first aid kits, shelters, emergency radios, and storable food.
  • Includes flashlights, clothing, camping gear, and knives.

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