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  • Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting: Advocates for greater diversity in the press, and scrutinizes media practices that marginalize public interest, minority and dissenting viewpoints.
  • Ali Abunimah's Bitter Pill: Media monitor, presenting an archive of documents and editorials devoted to correcting media errors relating to the Middle East. Also provides links to news sites and resources.
  • BBC Bias: Selection of links alleging BBC-Labour bias.
  • Boycott O'Reilly!: Commentary, rants and recommended links.
  • CBS's Goldberg Exposes Leftist Media Bias: A conservative's article discussing ex-CBS reporter Bernard Goldberg's new book "Bias" alleging heavily leftist bias in the media.
  • Citizens Coalition for Responsible Media: Conservative `group` dedicated to studying and fighting media bias. Site includes regular features, topical studies, resources for research, and links to similar organizations.
  • Coloring the News: How Crusading for Diversity Has Corrupted American Journalism: Book by William McGowan asserting that political correctness has corrupted American journalism.
  • Counterbias: Examines right wing bias in the media.
  • Counterbias: Michael Moore Versus Authority - The Media's Dual 'Propaganda' Thresholds: Article on how the corporate media quickly labels Fahrenheit 9/11 as propaganda, yet when politicians and hawks push for war in Iraq somehow the term is never used.
  • Dan Rather Tops Dishonor Awards: Discussion of Media Bias awards. [NewsMax.Com]
  • Darker Alliances: Web editorial on the San Jose Mercury News and what constitutes fair reporting.
  • Fear and Favor in the Newsroom: Documentary video about bias and self censorship by media. Narrated by Studs Terkel.
  • George Monbiot - The Lies of the Press: Asserts that the newspapers must also be held to account for the decision to invade Iraq in 2003.
  • Institute for Public Accuracy: Articles from a liberal organization that seeks to balance dominance of opinions of corporate-backed think tanks and institutions in the media.
  • Los Angeles Times - Conservative TV Group to Air Anti-Kerry Film: The conservative-leaning Sinclair Broadcast Group, whose stations reach nearly a quarter of US homes, is ordering its stations to preempt regular programming just days before the 2004 election to air a film that attacks John Kerry's activism against the Vietnam War. [Free registration required.]
  • Mainstream Press Misdeeds: Judi Bari's refutation of mainstream press distorting information about Earth First and other activist groups is laid out at the bottom of this editorial page by Jeff Elliott.
  • Media Bias Against Israel: Site exposing media bias regarding the Middle East and giving shocking facts about the history and situation there.
  • Media Fraud: Describes the Democrat / Republican split in the American media. Argues that Democrat supporters are over represented.
  • Media Lens: Focuses most of its attention on the UK 'liberal' media, contending that, despite its leftist appearance, the scope and depth of its coverage are circumscribed by commercial considerations.
  • Media Matters for America: A non-profit progressive research and information center dedicated to comprehensively monitoring, analyzing, and correcting conservative misinformation in the U.S. media. Founded by David Brock, a conservative media insider.
  • Media Matters for America: Reports and critique of recent incidents of conservative political bias in the U.S. media.
  • Media Monitors Network: Grass roots watchdog of media coverage which seeks to uncover journalistic and media bias and provide contrary information and opinions.
  • Media Research Center: Conservative `group` founded to balance alleged liberal bias in the media.
  • Media Review Network: Aims to dispel myths and stereotypes about Islam and Muslims and to foster bridges of understanding. Its goal is to monitor, analyse, dissect and evaluate distortions fabrications and double standards about Muslims in the mass media in South Africa. It also aims to fight stereotyping through education and by coordinating and developing Muslim media communication efforts in South Africa.
  • New York Times - Controversy Rages as TV Show Lists U.S. War Dead: Documents how an ABC's Nightline program showing the KIAs in Iraq was banned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns several ABC affiliates and is a major Bush supporter. [Free registration required].
  • News Bias Explored: Analyzes what news bias is and how it manifests through real examples and interactive activities. Includes some teaching resources.
  • Open Letter to CBS, Affiliates, and Sponsors: In response to scandal concerning memos 60 Minutes published before determining they could not authenticate them, a viewer posits CBS should fire Dan Rather and those associated.
  • Project Censored: Explores and publicize the extent of censorship in society by locating stories about significant issues which are rarely aired in mainstream media.
  • Blog aggregating opinions and facts about the September 2004 CBS broadcast that used papers of unverified authenticity to justify a negative story about President Bush.
  • Reportage - Magazine of the Australian Centre for Independent Journalism: Committed to the idea that the media can play a role in making those in power accountable to the public.
  • Republican Bias in the Media: Articles and links from website that contends media is biased towards support of Republicans and conservative views.
  • Sinclair Watch: Asserts Sinclair is abusing the public airwaves to pursue their own political agenda, and facilitates viewers to send a complaint to the FCC.
  • Spotlight on Media Bias - Free-Market.Net: An overview and libertarian perspective on media bias. Summarizes the debate and includes a large directory of online resources for information and activism.
  • Stop Sinclair: Aims to halt the Sinclair Broadcast Group from forcing all its affiliates to preempt regular network broadcasts to air an anti-Kerry documentary just before the 2004 election.
  • TV News Lies: How the media has helped politicians and the US government lie about every issue from Iraq to AIDS funding. Editorials and a call to action.
  • The CanWest Chill: Describes the censorship of editorials expressing criticism of Israel by a leading Canadian newspaper conglomerate.
  • The Media Bias Web Site: Collection of essays from a conservative perspective, most of them previously published.
  • The Non-rational Citizen: Author posits people are brainwashed by the mainstream media. Includes additional articles on politics in Canada and some on the US.
  • U.S. Media Circus and the Bush War For Oil: Government Watch 2002: US Media bias in Iraq War. How US Media believes its patriotic duty is to become the Propaganda Ministers for the Bush Regime.
  • What Liberal Media?: Provides overview and introduction to the book, fact checking right wing polemics, reviews, and activities of the author.
  • Withholding Our Newspaper Dollars for Equitable Reporting (W.O.N.D.E.R): Aims to stop the Detroit Free Press from continuing its baised reporting against the big three automakers, particularly the Ford Motor Company.


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