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  • A Question of Debate: Holds discussions on any subject. No registration needed.
  • Action Forum: Discussion forums with ratings of posts from readers.
  • Burning Horizons Network: Share thoughts and ideas or seek information and help in community forums. Any subject is welcome, from IT and science to politics and religion.
  • Canadian Content Forums: Discussion about issues surrounding Canadians, anywhere from politics to computing to gaming. No registration required.
  • Cypriana's Corner: Discuss world politics, religion, and issues, as well as chat.
  • EZ Board: Free For All: A board for any topic. Users choose a username, but need not choose a password, to post new discussions or reply to existing ones.
  • EZ Board: Free Speech USA: A message board on all issues.
  • EZ Board: Static Friends: Discussion forum on politics, music, artwork, spirituality, and poetry.
  • Earth Change: Australian forum dedicated to giving ordinary people the opportunity to express their views.
  • Global Echo: An open publishing platform for non-mainstream political and social news and views. Includes editorials and archived issues.
  • Global Ideas Bank: A suggestion box for socially innovative non-technological ideas and projects, with £1,000 UK sterling awards annually for the best ideas or projects submitted.
  • I Got Issues: A place to post an issue or to respond to an issue someone else has posted.
  • If I am...: Members discuss what they would do were they a doctor, a politician, a rocket scientist, and a porn star. Users must select a username and password before posting a new message.
  • Intellectual Outcasts Cafe: Message boards on current affairs and controversial issues. Users choose a username and password before posting a new discussion or replying to an existing one.
  • Keep It Real: Discussion on current affairs and issues from a realist perspective.
  • Let's Discuss: A community forum where the topic is aiming to peacefully discuss the world's problems.
  • LibertyPost: News discussion forum open for people of all ideological pursuasions to browse and post articles and comments. Boards organized into issue categories.
  • Logic: A BBS on reducing, refining and improving arguments and proposed solutions on certain issues. Users can choose their own author names.
  • Mac's Thinktank: Users submit innovative solutions to the world's problems.
  • Nattie's Speak Your Mind Forums: Forum, debate and message boards: If I Were President forum, and What Really Bugs Me forum. No password needed.
  • Net Citizen: A citizen-contribution site open to anyone, for the pupose of discussing political issues both local and global and expressing opinions through poetry, art, and cartoons.
  • Nutz Refugees: Made for general topics, entertainment, and jokes.
  • Opinionator: Forums, articles, and links to publications about a variety of issues.
  • Peoples Forum: Free discussion on any topic. Users can post under author names of their own choosing.
  • Proud To Be Canadian - Discussion Forums: Message boards for Canadians, about Canada and Canadian politics, people, news, celebrities, TV and movies, the environment, resources, sports, the economy, business, and stock market.
  • Public Debate: Australian discussion about national and international politics.
  • Secret Codes: Scientific approaches to life and social issues. Featuring articles and a discussion list. Topics include biotech, education, health, freedom, money and protection.
  • Society for Progressive Cognizance: A forum for discussing social reform through diverse means, including technology, philosophy, psychology, biomedics, politicss, theoretical sciences, and methods of global communication.
  • Space Colonization Foundation: Discussion on space travel, colonization, and the survival of humanity.
  • The Big Conversation: An independent space to exchange information and ideas through online dialogue. Focus is on common ground and solutions. Forums are on health, sustainable development, CSR, religion, education, and community.
  • The Mote: Self-supporting community discussing issues of politics, war, and a variety of other topics.
  • The Petition: Allows users to create, and vote in, online questionaires and petitions.
  • Debate community and background summaries of 300+ debate topics, from politics to pop culture.
  • Time Bomb 2000: Contains discussions on the end of the world. Free registration required to participate.
  • Tiny Planet: A forum for people from all over the planet to share ideas, communicate and better understand each other.
  • Vote on the Net: Have your say in today's most talked about topics. If you have an opinion on anything going on in the world, here's your chance to vote.
  • War Forum: Offers discussion boards on current wars and conflicts, terrorism, military technology, and related subjects.
  • Yahoo! Group: The Intergalactic Sanctum: Topics include love, peace, happiness. Users must register to participate.
  • Yahoo! Groups: Open Words: Focus:es on freedom of speech. Users must select a username and password to start new discussions or reply to existing ones.
  • A place to debate issues including war, politics, religion, or submit a new one.

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