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  • All you ever wanted to know about Global Warming - Frequently Asked Questions: Introduction to global warming, from New Scientist magazine. Includes theories about positive and negative feedbacks.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Global Warming: Written by a scientist at The Woods Hole Research Center, these pages describe the scientific evidence, the culprits, the skeptics and the probable outcome of a world signicantly changed by human-induced climate change.
  • ACACIA - A Consortium for the Application of Climate Impact Assessments: ACACIA uses the best available scientific tools and knowledge to answer the climate-related questions of sponsors from the industrial, business and policy communities.
  • Almanac of Policy Issues: Global Warming: News, background information and links on global warming, climate change, and the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.
  • Asia Pacific Network on Climate Change: A clearing house for climate change issues sponsored by the Japanese Ministry of the Environment. Highlighting articles, conference schedules, and related resources.
  • BBC News: Global Climate Change: An analysis of the science and other issues behind the climate change debate, from BBC News Online.
  • BBC Science - Climate Change: Key points, articles, pros and cons, and resources regarding climate change.
  • Bush's CO2 Emissions Flip-Flop: Cartoons about President Bush's reversal of stance on carbon dioxide emissions.
  • California Global Warming Campaign: Useful and timely information about climate change and California.
  • Capacity for Climate Protection: Project focussing on climate protection and funding environmental NGOs in Central and Eastern Europe. Includes a profile, calendar of events, publications, and information on monitoring and mechanisms.
  • Carnegie Council - Environmental Ethics: Providing resources on cross-cultural environmental policy, local communities and the environment, and transnational environmental activism.
  • Civilization - Use It or Lose It: Audio conversation with William Calvin about rapid global climate changes. Includes related links.
  • Climate Action Network Australia: Non-profit environmental `group` dedicated to fighting climate change and finding solutions to the problem. Includes news and current programs.
  • Climate Action Network South Asia: A global network of over Non-Governmental Organizations working to promote government and individual action to limit human induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels.
  • Climate Ark: Climate change news & information portal and archive dedicated to promoting policy that addresses Global Climate Change through reductions in carbon emissions, energy conservation, alternative energy sources and ending deforestation.
  • Climate Change: An overview of climate change, theories and perspectives, and notable weather patterns.
  • Climate Change Belgium: Official climate change web pages of the Belgian federal environment administration: publications, links, addresses, national and international official documents, legislation.
  • Climate Change Debate: Climate change and global warming science, government policy, energy technology, cost and benefits debated via an unmoderated, uncensored listserve, plus research aides.
  • Climate Change Levy: Broad summary of the new carbon tax imposed on the citizens and business of the United Kingdom, with descriptions of the business and global impact.
  • Climate Change Research at WRI: WRI identifies opportunities to reduce the risk of global climate change in ways that drive sustainable economic development worldwide.
  • Climate Change Solutions: Success stories, tools and resources on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Climate Change and Sustainable Transport: Challenge is the integration of climate policy objectives into other sectoral policy areas such as transport, energy and agriculture.
  • Climate Change: An Overview: A discussion of the certainties and uncertainties behind the science of climate change and the impact of greenhouse gasses.
  • Climate Effects on Human Health: A white paper on the potential effects of future climate changes on forests and vegetation, agriculture, water resources, and human health.
  • Climate Institute: works to protect the balance between climate and life on earth by facilitating the dialogue among scientists, policy makers, business executives and citizens.
  • Climate Policy: An Elsevier journal which aims to address the broad spectrum of policy issues raised by the prospect of changes in the global climate. Includes articles, extracts, information on authors and bibliographies.
  • Climate Trend: Interactive plotting tool for historical global temperature data.
  • Datum-Line: Examines coastal erosion, artificial reef, sea defence, coastal and inland flooding, rising sea levels, global warming, marine tyre structures and designs.
  • David Suzuki Foundation: Climate Change: Highlights recent reports and projects, suggested solutions, and background information, focusing on British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwest.
  • Destructive Storms Drive Insurance Losses Up - Will Taxpayers Have to Bail Out Insurance Industry?: Scientists now believe that rising global temperatures may exacerbate extreme weather events, leading to increased damages in the decades ahead. [WorldWatch Institute]
  • EPA's Global Warming Site: Comprehensive information from the USA's Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Earth's Magnetic Field And How It Reverses: White papers on the earth's magnetic field and global warming by Eugene D. Richards.
  • Earth's Unruly Tenant: An essay by Jane Lubchenco about climate change and public perceptions of environmental issues.
  • Earthshots: Satellite Images of Environmental Change: A global collection of Landsat images and text, designed to show environmental changes and to introduce remote sensing. Images and explanatory from every continent.
  • Environmental Protection Agency Global Warming Site: Focuses on the science and impacts of global warming or climate change, and on actions by governments, corporations, and individuals that help address global warming issues. The site also features climate change related news, events, publications, reports, presentations, and links to other sites.
  • FAQ About the Politics of Global Warming: FAQ arising from the Kyoto Summit.
  • Potent and Rare Greenhouse Gas Identified: Article on rising concentrations of a newly identified synthetic fluoride that traps heat more effectively than all other known greenhouse gases.
  • A daily award Presented to the "worst" countries at UN climate change conferences.
  • Global Climate Change: Market-Based Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases: A review of market based initiatives to combat global warming, including tradeable permits and carbon taxes.
  • Global Climate Observing System: An organization ensuring that observations and information needed to address climate-related issues are obtained and made available to all potential users. Contains a profile, structure, publications and calendar of events.
  • Global Warming: An in-depth report on the scientific, social, economic, and political issues surrounding climate change.
  • Global Warming: Climate scientists have linked the increased levels of heat-trapping gases in the atmosphere to human activities, in particular the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil, and natural gas for heating and electricity; gasoline for transportation), deforestation, cattle ranching, and rice farming. From the Union of Concerned Scientists.
  • Global Warming: Discussing facts about global warming, basic steps to take to stop its progress, and links to other pages on climate change.
  • Global Warming: Article by A. E. Brain discussing how cyclic climatic changes are indicated, and the possible causes and historical effects.
  • Global Warming International Center: GWIC is an international body disseminating information on global warming science and policy, serving both governmental, non-governmental organizations, and industries in more than 120 countries. It sponsors unbiased research supporting the understanding of global warming and its mitigation.
  • Global Warming links: An extensive list of links from the Junk Science Home Page.
  • Global Warming: An Issue for Humanity: Paper on the human consequences of global warming.
  • Green House Network: Non-profit organization focusing on building a grassroots movement to stop global warming pollution. Contains a profile, event calendar, information on speakers, and news archive.
  • Heating Efficiencies and Greenhouse: A tabled comparison between different ways of home heating, and their individual effects on greenhouse gases and environmental decline.
  • Hot Air - the Canadian Debate on Kyoto: Issues surrounding the Kyoto Accord and its effect on Canadian citizens.
  • Humanity in the Hothouse: Christian Science Monitor mini-site, including reports from Nov. 2000's Hague conference on climate change and links to other sources.
  • Interfaith Climate Change Network: Describes ways individuals and congregations can act on the issues of climate change and energy use. Joint project of the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the USA and the Coalition on the Environment and Jewish Life.
  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change: The IPCC assesses the scientific, technical and socio-economic information relevant for the understanding of the risk of human-induced climate change.
  • International Climate Change Partnership: Global coalition of companies and trade associations committed to constructive and responsible participation in the international policy process concerning global climate change. Includes objectives, a list of members, and literature.
  • International Human Dimensions: An international, interdisciplinary, non-governmental social science programme aimed at improving understanding of human responses to global change. Contains a profile, projects, news, publications and calendar of events.
  • Many scientists believe runaway greenhouse effect possible!!: A Greenpeace poll (in 1992) shows that a worryingly high proportion of climate scientists believe it possible that continuing emissions of greenhouse gases can awaken synergistic feedbacks capable of generating a runaway greenhouse effect.
  • Massachusetts Climate Action Network: A network of local and statewide groups dedicated to halting the threat of global climate change. Contains a profile, legislations, information on local chapters, and calendar of events.
  • Natcom India: Information about greenhouse gas emissions, inventory estimations, vulnerability assessments, and adapting to global climate changes from the Ministry of Environment and Forest, Government of India.
  • National Climate Change Secretariat: Created to inform Canadians about the process of developing a national implementation strategy on climate change. Provides information, news and resources.
  • OneWorld: Climate Change Campaign: Includes news, archives and articles on this topic.
  • Pew Center on Global Climate Change: Advocates taking action to arrest climate change
  • Plant Trees to Reduce Global Warming: Calculations of carbon dioxide emissions are offered for various modes of travel and energy use (1 tree per 1000 kilowatt-hours, for example).
  • Primer on the Kyoto Protocol: Article about this international agreement and how it will be used to combat global warming.
  • Proposals to Reforest the Earth: A series of white papers on deforestation and the need to reverse this destructive process, by Gabriel Penno Saraiva.
  • Public Interest Research Group: Global Warming: Global Warming FAQ sheet, email petition to the U.S. President, various reports and information to other resources.
  • Responding to Climate Change: Practical guide to support the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol. Profiles the business community's response with services and resources for greenhouse gas mitigation.
  • Rising Waters: Companion web site to the documentary "Rising Waters", which includes personal stories of Pacific Islanders and puts a human face on the international climate change debate. Includes archives, stories, white papers and information on filmmakers.
  • Sierra Club Global Warming Campaign: Clearinghouse for information on global warming.
  • Stop Esso: A Greenpeace and Friends of Nature sponsored campaign against Esso. Includes an overview of the campaign, information on the company, archives, press releases, and papers on global warming.
  • Stormy Weather: 101 Solutions to Global Climate Change: Companion site to the book of the same name. Offers information on climate change, and tips for individuals, companies, municipilaties, governments and developing nations to counter this issue.
  • Tata Energy and Resources Institute: Climate Change: Features position papers and viewpoints on climate change in India, including analysis of opportunities for clean development and carbon emissions reduction projects and programs.
  • The California Climate Action Registry: Organization created by the State of California to encourage companies, government agencies and other organizations to voluntarily measure and report their Green House Gas emissions. Provides information about the program.
  • The Climate Trust: Promotes climate change and global warming solutions by providing carbon dioxide offset projects and advancing offset policies.
  • The Great Climate Flip-flop: Could Global Warming lead to Global Cooling? Warming could lead, paradoxically, to drastic cooling -- a catastrophe that could threaten the survival of civilization. Atlantic Monthly.
  • The Politics of Climate Change: An online guide to the politics and science leading up to and following the signing of the Kyoto Protocol.
  • U.S. Global Change Research Program: Provides the foundation for increasing the skill of predictions of seasonal-to-interannual climate fluctuations (which can bring excessively wet and dry periods) and long-term climate change.
  • US Global Change Research Information Office: Provides access to data and information on climate change research, adaptation/mitigation strategies and technologies, and global warming related educational resources for users worldwide.
  • US Global Change Research Program: Assessments: Contains major national and international studies on environmental and climatic issues.
  • United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, UNFCCC: official site for UN Climate Secretariat: Kyoto protocol, COP4 in Buenos Aires, world emissions data...
  • WEATHERVANE: Resources for the Future's Digital Forum on Global Climate Policy: An online forum designed to provide the news media, legislators, opinion leaders, and the interested public with analysis and commentary on U.S. and global policy initiatives related to climate change.
  • World Climate Report: A biweekly, online research review with breaking news on the science and politics of global climate change from Greening Earth Society.


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