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  • "War on Drugs" Or... How the Feds Are Destroying Our Liberty: Information regarding federal intrusion into personal responsibility.
  • Anti War-on-Drugs Activists' List: A list of contacts for those against opposing current drug policy.
  • Columbia Law School for Enacting Humane Drug Policies: Student `group` dedicated to explore human alternatives to the current policy.
  • Common Sense For Drug Policy: Dedicated to expanding discussion on drug policy by raising questions about existing law and educating the public about alternatives to current policies.
  • Connecticut's Coalition for Drug Policy Reform: A nonprofit grassroots organization working with Connecticut legislators to change state laws on substance abuse to have a public health and safety solution.
  • Drop the Rock: Enacted in 1973 when Nelson Rockefeller was governor, the Rockefeller Drug Laws require harsh prison terms for the possession or sale of relatively small amounts of drugs.
  • Drug Abuse in America: 2001: A summary of drug abuse-related statistics.
  • Drug Mistreatment by Jake Ginsky: Tens of thousands of American teenagers are forced into drug treatment programs each year by schools, parents, or the courts - despite not having any serious drug problem.
  • Drug Policy Alliance: An organization working to end the war on drugs and promote new drug policies based on common sense, science, public health and human rights. Formerly the Lindesmith Center.
  • Drug War Facts: Free online book - a collection of categorized information on various aspects of the drug war, all presented with full source citations and, where possible, links to the original.
  • Drug War Prisoners: Information and articles by and for drug war prisoners and others interested in drug law reform.
  • Drug War Rant: Weblog features news, analysis, and rants by Pete Guither about current issues in the drug war.
  • Drug War and Drug Policy Facts: "The 'War on Drugs' is an expensive, destructive, failed sham.
  • Drugs: The United States and Latin America: A few mordant words on drugs, drug abuse, and the disgraceful ties that bind Latin America and the United States.
  • Free William Leonard Pickard Website: Dedicated to supporting freedom. Leonard is currently awaiting trial for LSD manufacturing.
  • Frontline - Drug Wars: Online accompaniment to the PBS series examining the war on illegal drugs.
  • Government Wears No Clothes: Website of Bob Newland, noted journalist, raconteur, iconoclast, political philosopher and exposer of the lies used to propagate the so-called War on Drugs.
  • Human Rights and the Drug War: In a photographic essay, the public sees the actual faces of people filling American prisons today and learns the case histories of selected inmates whose sentences illustrate the often harsh and arbitrary policies imposed on first-time, non-violent drug offenders.
  • King County Bar Association Drug Policy Project: Doctors, lawyers, and pharmacists in Seattle, Washington join in calling for an end to the state's war on drugs.
  • Malevolent Prohibition: A two-part editorial "Spurious Justification" and "Who Benefits from Prohibition?" Explores aspects of law and drug use.
  • Marijuana and the Law - Cannabis Freedom Pages: A site devoted to drug policies and the strategies against them. Cannabis activist political links and civil liberties anti-prohibition information.
  • Maximizing Harm - Losers and Winners in the Drug War: This site and its accompanying book offers a look at why the war makes problems worse instead of better, and who gets hurt and who gets helped by these policies.
  • NarcoTerror: Is the funding of terrorist groups an unintended consequence of drug prohibition? This site explores the inevitable convergence of prohibition, crime, arms dealing, and terrorism.
  • National Drug Court Institute: Non-profit organization involved in sculpting the movement of Drug Courts within the U.S. and internationally for Court Practitioners. Provides training, research, and scholarships.
  • November Coalition: The casualties of America's War on Drugs and what you can do to end the drug war.
  • Partnership for a Drug-Free America?: Let's look closely at the supposed reasons why some drugs are "harmful". Are they really?
  • Prohibition: The War on Drugs: The nature and origin of the 'War on Drugs'. Why this 'war' is so entrenched.
  • Psychedelics: The Anti-Drug: Newsletter produced by the "New Office of International Drug Control Policy Reform".
  • Ragged-Trousered Philosopher Forum: Threaded discussions on philosophy, politics and the US drug policy.
  • Reefer Madness US History A to Z: Articles and ads starting from the 1930s on the start of the US War on Drugs, especially against marijuana.
  • Salon news: The war on drugs: Prisons, profiling and propaganda: Salon's coverage of the U.S. government crackdown on illegal-substance abuse and the drug trade.
  • Snitch: PBS program which investigates how a fundamental shift in the country's anti-drug laws - including federal mandatory minimum sentencing and conspiracy provisions - has bred a culture of snitching that is in many cases rewarding the guiltiest and punishing the less guilty.
  • The Dancing Bears: Tales from Jails by Gary Waid: Prisoner of America's War on Drugs tells it like it is in the United States Prison Industrial Complex.
  • The Drug Peace Campaign: The Mission of the Drug Peace Campaign is to bring a peaceful end to the War on Drugs and to the persecutions and human rights abuses that are perpetrated in its name.
  • The Greens and The Drug War: News, statistics and articles on the Drug War, and the Green Party marijuana legalisation and harm reduction policies.
  • The Narco News Bulletin: Reports on the drug war from Latin America with breaking news, analysis, investigative journalism, translations of journalism from Mexico and beyond, and media criticism.
  • The Schaffer Library of Drug Policy: Complete histories, books, periodicals and historical research documenting the failure of the War on Some Drugs.
  • The War on (Certain) Drugs: Noam Chomsky argues that the U.S. government is scandalously cynical in launching a "War on Drugs" while, at the same time, supporting other dangers.
  • The War on Drugs: Resources on drug policy from Reason magazine.
  • Veterans for More Effective Drug Strategies US: Favors the return of the drug problem to the domain of the medical profession.
  • War on Drugs: A recovering drug addict and former drug dealer explains a 5 step process for drug rehabilitation for drug users.
  • Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It: By Judge Jim P. Gray. In addition to the comments from the author of this book, who is a veteran trial judge in Southern California, the views of more than 40 judges and justices nationwide are cited in this documented.


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