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See Also:

  • Abuse in Psychotherapy: Site to raise consciousness and provide support for patients/clients who are, or have been, verbally and emotionally abuse by psychotherapists - includes checklists and discussion.
  • Alternative Mental Health: A `resource` page about alternatives to the traditional, medical model-based, mental health system.
  • Alternative Mental Alternative Mental is a guide to alternative mental health(non-psychiatric, health-oriented). The site features a directory of practitioners, organizations and experts from several countries.
  • As For The Sky, Falling: A book that combines a first-person account of life on a psychiatric ward with a critical analysis of the psychiatric system.
  • California Network of Mental Health Clients: An organization dedicated to empowering MH clients through self-help groups and statewide networking. Offers program report overviews, resources, and current news.
  • Care in the Community: Addressing serious problems in the care of the mentally ill in the United Kingdom.
  • Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation: A research, training, and service organization dedicated to improving the lives of people who have psychiatric disabilities.
  • Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology: Peter R. Breggin, M.D. founded The International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP) as a nonprofit research and educational network 25 years ago and warns the media and the public about the potential dangers of drugs, electroshock, psychosurgery, and the biological theories of psychiatry.
  • Crazy Therapies: Review of a guide to recognizing an incompetent, immoral or quack therapist.
  • Essays on Psychology and Life: Essays on therapy, failed therapy, managed care, the Columbine High School massacre, Bill Clinton's "attention deficit disorder", and other mental health topics.
  • Interview with Bryant Welch, JD, PhD: Risk management issues for mental health professionals.
  • Justice In Mental Health Organization: Advocates for "justice in family, housing, employment and our social lives, with civil and legal rights as well."
  • KEN: Monthly Mental Health Activities and Events: The Knowledge Exchange Network promotes the mental health aspect of national health events and awareness days in its new monthly Highlights section.
  • Lichtenstein Creative Media (LCM) - Voices of an Illness: An award-winning three-part radio series covering personal stories of clinical depression, manic-depression, and schizophrenia.
  • Mental Health Matters: A directory of Mental Health sites, including alternative resources, support groups, and patient's rights.
  • Mental Illness Education Project: Fighting Stigma: The social stigma of mental illness makes it harder for those affected to cope with and accept the illness, undermines treatment and recovery, and exacerbates the problems of family members who participate in care. Stigma also diminishes the support given to the professionals who endeavor to provide that care.
  • Mind Mania: An index to web pages on issues concerning mental health.
  • Mind, Body and Society: Enquiry and research on the interplay between mind, body, and society. Includes sections on consciousness, psychosis, imagination, health, sickness, and death.
  • National Association for Rights Protection and Advocacy: An organization opposed to psychiatric abuses and involuntary treatment.
  • Panic Disorder: Dr. Michael Menaster, a San Francisco psychiatrist, on "panic disorder"; symptoms, possible causes and treatments.
  • Psychiatry Anti-Psychiatry Re-visited: David Coopers' discoveries in psychodynamics of Schizophrenia and his criticisms of psychiatry.
  • Report Psychiatric Abuse: Citizens' Commission on Human Rights (CCHR)Database of psychiatric crimes; form for reporting psychiatric abuses; video presentation.
  • Soul Sadness: Information on depression disorders, suicide and suicides survivors, links to experience and learning sites, personal experiences, forums.
  • Stepping into the Light: Fighting the Stigma of Mental Illness:a forum on mental illness, presenting accurate, up to date information
  • Support Groups Chats For Mental Health: Information and communities for depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, and other metal conditions. Includes news, editorials and chat.
  • The Battle for the Human Soul: Is there such a thing as mental illness?
  • The First Grrrl: She spent years championing the rights of the disabled and the forgotten. When she became the underdog in her own life, she struggled just as fiercely to save herself.
  • The Future of Psychiatry: A research account into the logical status of theories used in psychiatry which concludes that psychiatry is not a science.
  • The Stigma of CineMania: Created to expose the role of the media in promoting the stigmas associated with mental illness.
  • The Thomas S. Szasz Cybercenter for Liberty and Responsibility: Advances the debate about Thomas S. Szasz's basic ideas and their practical applications.
  • Therapy Abuse: A site for survivors of therapy abuse and supportive others.
  • Till Death Do Us Part: The Marriage of Art and Madness: Graduate thesis exploring the relationship between art and madness.
  • White Wreath Association Inc. - Action Against Suicide: A voluntary organization that advocates changes to the mental health system and also raises funds to build care centers.


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