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  • 4th Amendment: A web magazine with dissenting opinions about a variety of topics, including privacy issues such as Carnivore and Echelon. Has links to a variety of issues.
  • About Your Address: Under the Freedom of Information and Privacy Acts anyone can request your personal details from any US government agency. Information about the rules and instructions on how to get the information.
  • Privacy Issues: News and resources concerning laws of privacy, including wiretapping.
  • Carnivore: Describes the networking sniffing software and the surrounding controversy.
  • Against TCPA: Discussion of the privacy implications of Trusted Computing Platform Alliance (TCPA) and Palladium.
  • Dedicated to exposing polygraph waste, fraud, and abuse, and seeking the abolishment of polygraph testing from the American workplace.
  • Australia's Privacy Commissioner's Website: Government site dealing with privacy issues. Has focus area on information technology and the Internet.
  • CBC Witness: Security Threat: A look at the post 9/11 surveillance society and how it impacts our privacy.
  • Carnivore Electronic Surveillance and Diagnostic Tool: Official statement of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the US House of Representatives regarding the use and oversight of the Carnivore Electronic Surveillance program.
  • Cryptome In: Collection of articles and links on privacy issues, especially Echelon.
  • News site regarding privacy and freedom issues. Links to global articles.
  • Defend Your Privacy: Opposes the US Health and Human Services regulation can force doctors to turn their patients' confidential medical records over to the government.
  • EPIC Carnivore Litigation: Legal documents presented by the privacy `group` seeking the release of all FBI records concerning Internet monitoring.
  • Echelon Watch: Encourages public discussion of the Echelon Network, an intelligence gathering organization, that is a potential threat to civil liberties, and to urge the governments of the world to protect our rights.
  • Echelon: Questions asked in Australian Senate: Bob Brown's speech concerning the Australian government's involvement with the Echelon spy network.
  • Echelon: spy satellite: Is there any Privacy?: Research paper discusses the privacy issues and laws concerning privacy as related to the Echelon program.
  • Glass Watchdog: Free/Open Source solutions for civil society in cyberspace with daily updates on seminars, conferences, user groups, advocacy action, Free/Open Source privacy and security software, news articles, legal decisions and precedents, legislation and treaties
  • Glen Robert's Full Disclosure: Glen exposes sites that disclose private information such as names, addresses, and social security numbers.
  • Guardian Special Report: Privacy on the Internet: Continuing coverage of news, analysis and commentary, including the RIP Act, plus links to government sites and international information and pressure groups.
  • Hiding From the Man: How to Protect Your Privacy: Comprehensive guide to protecting your privacy in cyberspace and the real world.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Facial Recognition Systems Work: Article on FACEIT software.
  • HowStuffWorks: How Wiretapping Works: Article on how wire-tapping works. Links to a variety of other privacy issues such as Carnivore.
  • Invasion of Privacy: School project on invasion of privacy. Links to some laws.
  • Junkbusters: Site details a variety of ways privacy is violated or data is shared. Has links for prevention.
  • Keep your Secrets: Maintain your privacy and keep your secrets, with effective techniques of verbal deception, evasion, lying, cover-story, and misdirection. Online examples and suggestions for evaluating risks of secrecy as well as suggestions for hiding physical objects as well as hiding activities.
  • Law and Technology Essays [Dr. R. Standler]: Attorney's home page including numerous essays about law, privacy, and technology issues
  • NCAAP: Fighting to keep autopsy photos private.
  • NYC Surveillance Camera Project: New York City has been installing cameras throughout the city. Has lots of information, including camera locations.
  • - Net Users Try to Elude the Google Grasp: The combined power of the Internet, search engines and archival databases can enable almost anyone to find information about almost anyone else. As a result, people are trying to reduce their electronic presence and discovering that it is not as simple as it would seem. [Requires free registration to view.]
  • National I.D. Cards - a threat to liberty: Information and links to articles exposing the dangers of National ID Cards.
  • PIPEDA and Canadian Privacy Law: Developments in privacy law and writings of a Canadian privacy lawyer, containing information related to PIPEDA and other Canadian and international privacy laws
  • PRIVACY Forum: Forum provided by the ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) Committee on Computers and Public Policy, Cable & Wireless USA, Cisco Systems, Inc., and Telos Systems.
  • Prime recent and proposed attacks on civil rights in the United Kingdom: Document shows a detailed list of those rights of UK citizens challenged and the consequences.
  • Links to articles and opinions about a variety of privacy issues from medical records to bank statements. Articles have linked bibliographies.
  • Privacy Avenue: This site provides links to a variety of privacy related news, software, and issues.
  • Privacy Digest: Covers the items directly and indirectly impacting your privacy such as cryptography, wiretaps, free speech, DNA and genetic testing, and database tracking in general. Archive goes back to 1997.
  • Privacy Rights Clearinghouse: A nonprofit consumer education and advocacy project whose purpose is to advocate for consumers' privacy rights in public policy proceedings.
  • Privacy South Africa: List of privacy violators in South Africa with links. Also FAQs on how to protect yourself.
  • Privacy Spot: Tracks current news and laws related to privacy issues around the world
  • Privacy Times: Privacy Times (Newsletter) covers information law and policy, including Internet privacy, Freedom of Information Act, Privacy Act, financial, medical and communications privacy, and EU Directive.
  • Privacy and Civil Liberties: From Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility - program information and links.
  • Privaterra: Provides human rights workers with security technology.
  • Screen for genes: A site concerned with the impact of the Human Genome Project and particularly maintaining genetic databases. Links to various related sites.
  • Spyware: Research, Testing, Legislation, and Suits: Original research on methods and effects of spyware, and index to recent legislation and lawsuits seeking to block spyware.
  • State Surveillance in the Internet.: A paper on surveillance and surveillance theory on the Internet by Francisco Javier Bernal. Active link bibliography.
  • The Privacy Page: A `resource` for cryptography, encryption, or electronic privacy information.
  • The Surveillance Society: Americans enjoy unlimited benefits from new technologies in a wired world. But those wires send information in two directions, and the access to our personal data has never been more open for abuse. Online `resource` for on-air features.
  • Privacy: News about privacy, collected from various sources on the web.
  • UK Police Want Keys to Decode Private E-mail: Article from The Telegraph describes how British police want keys to decode private e-mail.
  • Urban Druid: Resources and news concerning privacy and fair use issues surrounding digital technologies.
  • Web bugs: Article concerning Web bugs (1-pixel gifs), similar to cookies, that track Internet surfing patterns.
  • Who Watches the Web?: The latest news on Carnivore, Echelon and several other government efforts to monitor and censor private communications.
  • Wired News: Privacy Matters: Collection of recent "Wired" articles on the issue.
  • World Wide Wiretapping / Eavesdropping Problem: Every week updating unique list of wiretapping and eavesdropping cases around the world, abuse of phone lines for commercial espionage, financial fraud, invasion of security and assaults on privacy.
  • ePrison: Art and Politics of Surveillance.: Explores the art and politics of surveillance. The current Portland Surveillance Mapping Project aims at mapping closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance in Portland, Oregon.

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