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  • Almanac of Policy Issues: Campaign Finance Reform: Current news, background on the McCain-Feingold "soft money" reform bill, and links on US campaign finance reform.
  • Brookings Institute: Campaign Finance Reform: Includes a sourcebook on campaign finance law and administration, a newly launched and continuously updates section on recent developments in campaign finance regulation, legislation pending in the US Congress, external links, and a public forum.
  • Burton Ridgeway's Briefs: Campaign Finance Reform: Author of a novel, "The FECMA Conspiracy", showing the benefits of a specific approach.
  • California Clean Money Campaign: Working for clean elections campaign finance reform in the state. Includes a description of proposed legislation, FAQ, calendar of events, mailing list, activism info.
  • Campaign Finance "Reform": The Good, the Bad, and the Unconstitutional: Report published in July 1999 arguing against restrictions on campaign spending and "soft money" contributions on constitutional grounds. By James Bopp, Jr. of the Heritage Foundation.
  • Campaign Finance Information Center: CFIC is dedicated to helping journalists cover campaigns more in-depth by following the campaign money trail.
  • Campaign Finance Reform Forum: Forum about reform in the United States.
  • Campaign Finance Reform and Government Ethics: Part of Public Citizen's "Congress Watch" project.
  • Campaign Finance Search: A searchable database of information regarding the election campaigns of many politicians in the USA.
  • Campaign Finance [American University]: Campaign finance contributions by candidate. Sponsored by the AU School of Communication.
  • Center for Responsive Politics: The Center for Responsive Politics is a non-partisan, non-profit research `group` based in Washington, D.C. that tracks money in politics, and its effect on elections and public policy. The Center conducts computer-based research on campaign finance issues for the news media, academics, activists, and the public at large.
  • Checkbook Democracy: A collection of news, resources, and organizations concerning reform from The American Prospect magazine.
  • Clean Elections Institute: Educates the public about various campaign finance abuses and the possibilities for reform. Arizona.
  • Common Cause: U.S. citizens organization working to end special-interest politics and reform government ethics, largely through campaign finance reform.
  • Common Cause of Texas: Proposes campaign finance reform to create an honest and accountable government at all levels. Includes position papers, news releases, newsletters, and model ordinances for municipalities.
  • Democracy Matters: DM is a national student organization with a focus on campaign finance reform through clean elections systems.
  • Federal Campaign Contribution Reporting: Finance data for all federal candidates and political action committees (PACs). Reports can be run at the state, county, city, or zip level.
  • Finance Reform Lawsuit initiated by Chester P. Soling: Finance Reform Lawsuit. Legal actions pertaining to congressional corruption and big-money influences.
  • Granny D. Home Page: Web page of Senior citizen Doris Haddock ("Granny D.")who walked across the country, arriving in Washington, D.C. in Feb. 2000, to support campaign finance reform.
  • Hawai`i Clean Elections: Non-profit coalition working to enact campaign finance reform in the state. Includes legislative updates and how to get involved. Also includes information about the Hawai`i Elections Project, which conducts research and education on reform.
  • Illinois Campaign for Political Reform Homepage: Non-partisan `group` working to take big money out of Illinois politics. Site includes updated campaign finance info on Illinois politicians.
  • Massachusetts Voters for Clean Elections: Non-partisan citizen `group` working to reduce the influence of private money in the electoral process. Includes a description of the reform, FAQ, news, and how to get involved.
  • Minnesotans for Fair and Clean Elections (FACE): Coalition of organizations working to replace the state campaign finance system. Includes a list of problems with the current system and proposed solutions, summary of the bill, and how to get involved.
  • Money Line: Data pertaining to the sums, distribution, and usage of money donated to public officials for elections purposes.
  • Money Politics: Essay arguing for campaign finance reform.
  • Mother Jones 400: U.S. elected officials got a record $696 million in 2000. Mojo reveals the nation's top 400 contributors and what they expect in return.
  • National Voting Rights Institute: A non-profit organization dedicated to challenging the constitutionality of the current campaign finance system at the federal and state levels. Through litigation and public education.
  • New Politics Program: National Civic League program works to identify and promote campaign finance reform on the local level. Also maintains a comprehensive database of local campaign finance reform initiatives.
  • No Soliciting - a new sign on the schoolhouse: In June 1998 the Florida Elections Commission (FEC) made a ruling which could have far reaching ramifications in the way labor unions collect political contributions. The FEC ruled that teacher unions could not solicit, and their members could not make, campaign contributions within government buildings through the use of payroll deduction forms.
  • OpenSecrets.og: Details information on PAC money which is contributed to the various political candidates. Information can be sorted alphabetically or by industry.
  • Public Campaign -- Real Campaign Finance Reform: Fighting for "clean money" campaign reform to take special-interest money out of America's elections.
  • Public Voices: Proposes responsible campaign finance reform for Texas, one of only a few states that has neither contribution limits nor public financing. Includes a proposal, recent bills, and contact information for legislators.
  • Reform Voter Project: Holding politicians accountable for special favors they do for their political contributors, and for opposing reform.
  • San Diego Alliance for Clean Elections: Working to reform campaign finance laws in the city and to introduce public financing of campaigns. Includes a summary of the initiative, meeting schedule, and newsletters.
  • Shedding Electronic Light on Campaign Finance: By Ashley Craddock. [Wired News] California's Legislature and Secretary of State push new efforts to give wider public access to who spends what to elect whom.
  • Still More Campaign Finance Reform: A collection of political cartoons from Slate.
  • Students for Clean Elections: Working to organize and mobilize the Wesleyan and Connecticut student communities to pass clean money campaign reform with full public funding legislation.
  • New York-based student activist organization which seeks to defeat incumbents who oppose certain campaign finance reforms. Includes media appearances, list and map of targeted politicians, and information on how to support the movement.
  • The Campaign Finance Institute: Conducts research and education, empanels task forces, and makes recommendations for policy change in the field of campaign finance.
  • The Campaign Legal Center: Represents the public interest in strong enforcement of campaign finance laws.
  • The Coin-Operated Congress: "Mother Jones" magazine investigates the impact of money on Congressional elections. This site contains original reporting and a searchable database of campaign donors.
  • The Joyce Foundation: Money and Politics Program Area: Provides grants for projects to improve campaign finance restrictions, force broadcasters to improve coverage of public affairs, and seek to strengthen the independence and impartiality of the judiciary in the Great Lakes region of the United States.
  • The UPS Chapter of Democracy Matters: A chapter of the nation-wide student organization promoting interest in and legislation for publicly funded elections as a way to reduce the influence of big money donors.
  • Detailed, informative site about campaign financing in USA as it is today and what can be changed. Also contains detailed info about Dean, Kerry, and G.W. Bush presidential campaigns.
  • Wisconsin Democracy Campaign Finance Reform: Nonpartisan coalition for campaign finance reform in Wisconsin. Provides online campaign finance record for state legislators.
  • Wisconsin Leaders Beholden to Tobacco Interests, Groups Say: By Richard P. Jones. [Milwaukee Journal Sentinel] Advocates for campaign finance reform and a smoke-free environment say that Wisconsin is squandering $1.3 billion in tobacco settlement money to solve its fiscal crisis because it's beholden to tobacco companies.


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