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See Also:

  • A Fair Globalization: Creating Opportunities for All: Analyzes impacts of the globalized world with the focus on people. Report by The World Commission on the Social Dimension of Globalization, International Labour Organization, 2004.
  • A Student's Guide to Globalization: Web site managed by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) serves as an informative and engaging space for those interested in learning more about changes in the international economy.
  • A World Connected: Seeks to enhance the understanding by looking through the eyes of the people who are directly affected by a globalized world.
  • Anti-globalization movement - Wikipedia: Encyclopedia article on the movement opposing globalization.
  • Canadian International Development Agency: News, background and resources about global issues and sustainable economic development, from a canadian government-supported agency.
  • Center for Business Diplomacy: Non-profit association that engages private business in global affairs through regular meetings and dialogue between members. Meets in Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Center for Globalization and Policy Research - UCLA: Established in response to the growing need for informed research and debate on all aspects of the topic, and in particular, on the many difficult policy questions that are being raised as a consecquence of it.
  • Center for Research on Globalization: An independent research and media `group` of progressive writers, scholars and activists committed to curbing the tide of "globalisation" and "disarming" the new world order. Bilingual, English and French.
  • Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation: From the University of Warwick, UK. Research concentrates on questions such as social policy issues, international financial crises, multijurisdictional tax competition, development of global and regional governance and other civil society activities regarding the topics.
  • Commission on Globalisation: An initiative of State of the World Forum. Includes news and links to information and publications on the topic.
  • Corporate Watch - Globalization 101: Index to information resources on issues ranging from basic facts on corporate power, to definitions of key terms used in the globalization debate ("What is Neoliberalism?")and in-depth articles on the subject.
  • Dialogue on Globalization: The web site of a program part of the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung's international work based on the premise that globalization can be shaped in a direction which aims at promoting peace, democracy, and social justice. Addresses the 'movers and shakers' both in developing countries and in the industrialized parts of the world, i.e. politicians, trade unionists, government officials, businesspeople, and journalists as well as representatives of NGOs, international organizations, and academia.
  • Documents Relating to the Process of Globalization: Links to articles and essays from the web site of the Mount Holyoke College, Massachusetts, USA.
  • Economic Liberalization and Integration - Global Policy Forum: News, articles and resources relating to the topic of liberal economic policies and their impact on the developing world in particular.
  • Essays on Globalization: Papers on the subject by Monthly Review.
  • Ethical Globalization Initiative: Brings key stakeholders together in new alliances to integrate concepts of human rights, gender sensitivity and enhanced accountability into efforts to address global challenges and governance shortcomings.
  • Fantasy World Order: Offers a quiz to help visitors determine their position in the globalization debate. Includes overall results.
  • Foreign Policy in Focus - Globalization in Focus: Provides a close coverage of the issues facing institutions in a globalized world while also looking at the agendas and strategies of the citizens movements themselves.
  • Free Trade and Globalization: Looks at the reality of free trade and the impacts it has on everyone.
  • Friends of the Earth: MAI: Commentary, analysis and links to websites about the Multilateral Agreement on Investment.
  • Global Envision: A web initiative with news and information on globalization, world business, poverty, global growth, and world trade. It aims to take the global free market system as a starting point for reducing world poverty.
  • Global Exchange: Economic Alternatives: Advocates for democratic alternatives to top-down economic globalization.
  • Global Marshall Plan: An initiative for the implementation of a global eco-social development plan as a basis for a worldwide ecological and social market economy.
  • Global Policy Forum: News, information, analysis and resources from an organization that monitors UN policy making on the matter and promotes accountability of global decisions.
  • Globalisation Guide: Eleven key questions on the subject with selected links to opinion leaders and thinkers.
  • Globalization - Wikipedia: Encyclopedia article on globalization and its various aspects.
  • Globalization After Seattle: Offers a fairly comprehensive literature review concerning the debate on the topic.
  • Globalization Research Center: Globalization resources about doing business in a global economy, including issues of strategy and technology.
  • Globalization and Maritime Power: A study about the implications of globalization theory and facts in the design of national defense policies. Edited by Sam Tangredy, Institute for National Strategic Studies, US National Defense University, 2002.
  • Globalization and National Environmental Policy: Taking stock of changes in government interventions in response to globalization. Koningshof, Veldhoven, The Netherlands on September 22-24, 2003.
  • Globalization. Threat or opportunity?: Brief subject to periodical reviews by International Monetary Fund Staff. It shows a set of key questions and answers on the subject such as: roles of countries and governments, growth, poverty and inequality, impacts on workers and many others.
  • Globalization: Index: A peer-reviewed journal devoted to the examination of social, political, economic, and technological aspects of the topic, by The International Consortium for Alternative Academic Publication (ICAAP).
  • ICC World Business Organization: Comments, news and information resources from pro-globalization perspective, contending a global market economy will bring prosperity and other benefits to millions. Section of website of the International Chamber of Commerce.
  • Institute for International Economics - Globalization: Collection of papers on this topic by members the organization.
  • Institute on Globalization and the Human Condition: An intellectual center of McMaster University in Canada, bringing together faculty, students and members of the broader community for discussion, debate and analysis of globalization and its effects.
  • International Forum on Globalization: Alliance formed to stimulate new thinking, joint activity, and public education in response to economic globalization and its impact. Events, programs, news and analysis from an anti-globalization perspective.
  • International Social Observatory: Intends to contribute to integration of social, ethical and environmental dimensions in the globalization process.
  • LifeWeb: The Biology of Globalization: Opinion article by Elisabet Sahtouris, it points out the threats of the economy of globalization against the basic principles by which healthy living systems are organized, 1998.
  • Anti-globalization resources and opinions.
  • Questioning Anti-Globalization NGO Claims and Policies: Critical assessment questioning the claims and policies of a Non Governmental Organization, the World Development Movement, and highlighting the positive effects of globalization, by Nikutai to Kageboushi.
  • Right Makes Might: Freedom and Power in the Information Age: Examines the relationship of intentions and capabilities—more precisely, of openness and power—in the information age, taking China as the case in point. Postulates that although power remains important in world politics, globalization has transformed its character, correlates, and consequences. By David Gompert,McNair Paper 59, US National Defense University, May 1998.
  • Special Issue on Globalization -- Journal of World-Systems Research: Explores the topic in its economic, political, and cultural dimensions.
  • Special Reports: A portal to global politics, economics and ideas from Foreign Policy magazine. Site features reports, statistics and links.
  • Swiss Coalition of Development Organizations: Provides a wide range of information on topics related to development policy and globalization.
  • The Employment Project: A spontaneous `group` working together toward the common goal of supporting victims of economic injustice.
  • The Global Century - Globalization and National Security: Examines impacts of globalization on world affairs and the task of forging responsive policies and strategies. Also, an in-depth analysis of global and regional trends. Edited by Richard L. Kugler and Ellen L. Frost, National Defense University.
  • The Global Workplace: Promotes awareness and encourages grassroots trade union activity on international issues.
  • The Globalist: The daily online magazine on the global economy, politics and culture.
  • The Globalization Website: Resources on various issues related to the issue from Emory University.
  • The Information Age: Economy, Society and Culture: A selection of media reviews (key paragraphs) about Manuel Castells' trilogy.
  • The Red Pill: A news portal Blog keeping tabs on the new world order, the power elite, corrupt politicians and efforts made towards globalization.
  • Transnational Communities Programme: A research programme with the goal of looking into the human dimensions of globalization and aspects of emerging transnationalism. Commisioned by the United Kingdom Economic and Social Research Council, based in the University of Oxford - Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology.
  • World Economic Forum: The Davos meeting of political and business leaders aims to create the foremost global partnership of business, political, intellectual and other leaders of civil society to define and discuss the key issues on the global agenda.
  • WorldBank. Leading Research on Globalization: Provides access to recent presentations and some research on the subject. Some highlighted issues are: "Making globalization work for all" or "Globalization, Growth and Poverty".
  • Yale Center for the Study of Globalization: The Center supports teaching and research on globalization, helps to enrich debate on the subject through workshops, conferences, and lectures, and responds quickly to important events by organizing timely public programs that bring together individuals from the University community with individuals active in the policy arena. From Yale University.


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