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  • A World of Yoga: Site by Ramakrishna Ananda (Graham Ledgerwood) provides overviews to many aspects of Yoga and its practice.
  • Advanced Yoga Practices: Lessons in the different aspects of Yoga.
  • All Headline News: Yoga: Yoga news and headlines from sources around the world.
  • Allexperts Yoga Q&A: People with varying amounts of yoga experience offer to answer questions about yoga.
  • American Yoga Association: Not-for-profit educational organization. Site includes information on the philosophy and techniques of yoga, classes, books and tapes for sale.
  • Ananda's Site: Thoughts on various aspects and branches of yoga, brief biographies of several spiritual leaders.
  • Anusara Yoga: A system based on Hatha Yoga founded by John Friend. Information on the Yoga, its philosophy, teachers, and centers.
  • Beliefnet: Yoga: Essays and articles about yoga.
  • Eight Lectures on Yoga by Aleister Crowley: Transcripts of eight one-hour lectures on the subject of Yoga, including theories, practices, and his experiences. Consists of two sections: Yoga for Yahoos and Yoga for Yellowbellies.
  • Ergo Yoga: Information on how Yoga can help with computer related health hazards such as carpal tunnel syndrome, repetitive strain injuries, and computer vision syndrome.
  • Evolution of the Divine Living: An e-book based on the works of Sri Aurobindo, Mirra Alfassa and Ilse Middendorf.
  • Focal Point Yoga: Yoga instructor provides information on yoga philosophy, styles, practices and life styles, practical advice on choosing a yoga teacher. Also provides Massachusetts class schedules, merchandise for sale, links to other sites.
  • Holisticonline: Yoga Infocenter: Information about yoga in an easy to understand format with recommendations for beginning practice.
  • International Yoga Dictionary: Contains 2800 basic terms and extensive articles. This Encyclopedia compilation is based on classical works on Yoga with entries in English, Russian, Bulgarian, German, and French.
  • Internet Yoga: A collection of articles, books, transcripts, and recordings about Yoga.
  • Introduction to Yoga: Overview of the history, origins, benefits and practice of Yoga. From the IndiaExpress newspaper.
  • Introduction to Yoga: Brief articles on Yoga, its definition and nature, school of thoughts, scientific method, and practice.
  • Laya Yoga: Laya Yoga is a practical art of meditation and contemplation based on the ancient knowledge relating to chakras (energy centres). Information on the concepts and practice.
  • Manoyoga: Somanatha Kshetram: Information on the system of Yoga developed by Sri Swami Somanatha Maharshi. Includes details of the centers in U.S.A
  • Nothing But Yoga: Brief information on the different Yoga styles.
  • One Stop Yoga Limited: UK Yoga `resource` offers advice on various yoga styles, UK events and teacher database and online ordering for yoga props.
  • Orlov Yoga: English translations of lectures by Vladimir Ivanovich Orlov on Yoga and religious mysticism.
  • Sahaja Yoga in Ukraine: Information about Sahaja yoga and location of the centers in Ukraine.
  • Samkhya Yoga: Features articles on Samkhya Yoga and related darsanas, translations, and excerpts from the online Encyclopedia of Yoga authored by Georg Feuerstein.
  • Satyananda Yoga: A system of yoga developed by Swami Satyananda Saraswati and his lineage, which incorporates practices derived from ancient and traditional sources.
  • So You Wanna Learn the Basics of Yoga: General information about the types of Yoga and the author's opinion on what Yoga is.
  • Suite101: Yoga: Articles, links and discussion.
  • The Heart of Yoga Association: Formed to help communicate the principles of yoga practice to a wider audience. Follow the school of Tirumalai Krishnamacharya. Information on Yoga, books, and teachers around the world.
  • The Seven Bodies: The seven levels of consciousness are described.
  • The Yoga Site: Online yoga `resource` center featuring a free teacher directory, posture information, Yoga therapy report, style guide, facts, retreats, books and links.
  • The Yoga Vasistha: Excerpts from Swami Venkatesananda's translation of Vasistha's Yoga.
  • Time: The Power Of Yoga: An article from Time magazine about Yoga in general.
  • Wellness for Body and Soul: Extensive reference site focuses on yoga philosophy (primarily Kriya), masters and practices. Also offers free yoga software, teacher directory, links to a wide range of resources, books and videos for sale.
  • Wisdom of Yoga: Information on all schools of Yoga and some of the teachers.
  • Yoga Age: Articles on Yoga and translations of Yoga sutras. Includes writings on Asanas, Kriyas and Pranayama.
  • Yoga Anand Ashram Online: Though some parts are unfinished, the site includes much information on Yoga philosophy, and the practice and benefits of postures, meditation and breathing.
  • Yoga Directory: A large yoga `resource` site with links to teachers, centers, organizations, books, music, therapists, health products, retreats, vacations, personals, and traditions.
  • Yoga Forums: Forum for discussion about Yoga.
  • Yoga Information: An outline of styles, benefits, and poses.
  • Yoga Information: Information on various aspects of Yoga.
  • Yoga Movement: An exploration of yoga and related subjects such as breathing and meditation.
  • Yoga Online: Offers information on the practice of yoga. Includes free yoga video downloads and uses flash animation to show yoga moves.
  • Yoga Research and Education Center (YREC): Reference includes many articles on the practice, history and philosophy of yoga, links to related sites.
  • Yoga Supersite on Yoga reference covers branches and philosophy, health benefits, practices, beginner's guide.
  • Yoga Teaching Forum: A forum `resource` for students undertaking Yoga teachers training.
  • Yoga Vidya Dham: Nasik, India: A non profit organization imparting Yoga education to all sections of the society. Articles on Yoga and schedule of courses conducted.
  • Yoga for Beginners: Information for beginning Yoga practitioners including a list of books, tapes, and websites.
  • Introduction to Yoga history and practice (asanas and pranayama), downloadable music, teacher finder, products for sale.
  • Yoganation: Yoga `resource` provides general advice, brief articles, invites reader feedback.

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